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Battlefield 3 Review (Xbox 360/PS3)

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  1. Is this game worth it on Xbox 360

  2. Adding to the review in my opinion the tank bits are fucking difficult. It
    always feels like you are being shot by nothing until you zoom in and see a
    black dot that is actually a tank. I was playing on easy as well. Why?
    Here’s a Christmas song. Deck the halls with blood of terrorist, fa la la
    la la, la la la la.
    Shoot the bad guy with your rifle, fa la la la la, la la la la.
    Be the terrorist nightmare fuel, fa la la la la, la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    Anyway, I had a game-breaking bug near halfway through the game, the
    mission where at the beginning I had to destroy 3 enemy nests. I took all 3
    out but the second one wouldn’t fucking register. The checkpoint broke as
    well so I had to restart from the beginning of the mission.

  3. So this has more of a story line than BF2 then?

  4. This game was okay at first when I started playing it but now it kind of
    gets on my nerves 

  5. This game was okay at first when I started playing it but now it kind of
    gets on my nerves 

  6. The only thing that’s broken with multiplayer is the two us guns for
    assault and engineer are the same it’s really weird 

  7. Look at all these fanboys!

  8. PC Elitists…

  9. TheGameIntersect

    omg it looks like shit on xbox but on pc it looks amazing

  10. Slickshot fifteysix

    Got battlefeild 3 2 weeks ago and im still hooked

  11. Too bad I cant afford BF3..

  12. no i cant !!!

  13. can you suck my dick 🙂

  14. How’s the game broken explain please?

  15. You really think I don’t do research before buying something that’s $400?
    This was before we all knew the problems that Sony clearly didn’t know how
    to fix. Keep in mind, the really old Xbox 360 PRO’s and the ARCADE’S were
    the ones that could get the Red Ring, the Elite RARELY had that problem if
    at all. The newer slim 360 models don’t get the Red Ring at all (fact),
    Microsoft wanted to be able to let people buy something that was not as
    expensive as the heavy duty version(the elite,the tough 1)

  16. DO A BARREL ROLL! I just lost it there xD

  17. I think you’re talking about Call Of Duty……

  18. but campaign sucks, multi rocks!

  19. Not in my opinion, it’s as boring as MW3.

  20. suck my shaved testes

  21. im planing to buy this game but i gotta ask …. does people still play
    this now that BO2 came out .. i mean its kickass game

  22. yeah but that means I gotta buy a new console and I think I will be
    sticking with ps3 for another year because there are still games i’m
    looking to play on it

  23. This Argument Is Over, And It’s Quite Pointless, Goodbye

  24. I seriously want to play this, but my dad’s computer is completly
    horrible… oh well, time to buy a new processor and video card.

  25. The multiplayer of this game is fun if you dont have a bad internet that
    makes you graphically lag on an ASUS K55V with Geforce GT 630m with a Intel
    Core I5 with 2.5 GHz because i can barely aim, and thanks to my bitch
    internet, i have a RETARDED K/D of 0.60 or so, and keep being called a
    “noob” when i cant change to a better internet service PLUS, i am on a
    faraway country (portugal to be exact) and most servers are either from
    England,German, or American, which are quite far for a <900kb 'Net

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