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My Wii virtual console games 2012 (update video)

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  1. Wow, great collection! I did not know that super mario rpg was avialable on
    the virtual console, thats awesome!.

  2. The Wii Virtual Console collection by Game Master Mike is cool! I actually
    have all these games on emulators except for Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic
    Chaos, and the TurboGrafx16 titles. But otherwise, it’s a fantastic

  3. Where is your accent from?

  4. Vincentthegamedude

    Cool deal. 

  5. my wii is getting old can we transfer our Wii virtual console games to
    another wii or wii u or 3ds? I don’t want to lose those games

  6. Cheaper by the Krogan

    Nice video Mike : D

  7. The games you got are awesome, especially Super Mario RPG, Final Fantasy
    III, and Fighting Street those are the best.

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