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PS VITA Review Part 5 – Browser & PSN Store

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  1. I’m getting it on Christmas my mom told me

  2. im planning to get the ps vita

  3. my ps vita loads 10 times faster

  4. Юра Холод

    lol bad o_O

  5. u have to buy sony brand memory card which is overpriced, games are too
    much $, browser sucks,… id rather get a 7″ tab

  6. Thanks for the awesome video man, i’ll be getting a vita on my birthday
    soon x). Also i think your Vita shrunk O.o or you have huge hands.

  7. Make surebu get the most recent system update(2.12), it changed sofware
    stability control

  8. how many games could i save with a 4gb

  9. STILL… if the download is halfway.. and something goes wrong, connection
    timeout or etc, i have to start again from the beginning. this is utterly
    STUPID if i am downloading a 2GB PS Vita game. so, i think i pass on buying
    the vita. waste of time and money.. this is the only reason i am not buying
    as no one is selling the game here, if they do, they price is about 2 or 3
    times more expensive

  10. I’m glad they do let you use the browser at the same time now. I do agree.
    It was really fucking annoying.

  11. Do you EVER read top comments? READ THEN POST PLEASE!!!

  12. Tomokos PuffyVulva

    I’m assuming since PS is an electronics company competing against a company
    that releases computer software it’s hard to get proper working software on
    their systems without breaking copyright laws. I’m only assuming this since
    their browsers are really just not all that good.

  13. and its not even accessable everywhere either.

  14. haha

  15. Anthony Regopoulos

    november 15 2012 today can it play videos on it now?

  16. im mostly going to use the browser for porn so…… does it play vids well

  17. Yes psn is free…PSN lets you access the lates games,movies,add-ons,Free
    demos….ALL AT PS store (*PSN account is required*) PSN also lets you
    access: -Music unlimited -Video unlimited -PS STORE (Play-Station STORE) No
    hidden fees,taxes,or anything…Just make sure you have A PSN account (sign
    up if you dont have one) INTERNET CONNECTION (buy a Wi-Fi router: NETGEAR
    routers are fine, put a WEP or WPA password to keep it safe: copy it an
    then doit)

  18. whats the difference between psn and psn PLUS? what extra stuff do u get?
    is it worth it?

  19. “Made for diffrent things” Of course they were, but that dosent mean they
    automatically had to fuck up the browser shit head.

  20. buy one and see for yourself

  21. btw i retested it and it got 58/500 still fucking bad

  22. Daniel Telesford

    @blunty3000 this is a stupid question but are there any free full games on
    psn store

  23. nope just psplus

  24. FreeFoampositesandFashion

    because its for kids they don’t want the lil kids be watching porn

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