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SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo Sony PSP Review –

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  1. I want to bring this game backkk! Dx I played this game on my sick days in
    middle school!

  2. The best game ever. Everlasting memories

  3. Does anyone still play this game? 

  4. thewhitezombie666

    this game got bots?

  5. FTB 2 is better. 3 doesn’t have the same feel 🙁

  6. 123456anthony100

    i like ftb2 better but i type Socom navy seals does that mean 1 or 2 i did
    not put fireteam bravo

  7. I play on Vita version.

  8. Please help

  9. Protastic Person

    No one plays this game anymore D:

  10. me and my friend were obsessed with this game in like 7th grade when this
    came out I think.

  11. Good review

  12. How do u secure the VP in socom 1

  13. Do people steel play this online?

  14. Best game on PSP because they have multiplayer and it had teamwork so you
    couldn’t be selfish and do it yourself

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