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CGRundertow RHYTHM HEAVEN for Nintendo DS Video Game Review

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  1. I Love Rhythm Heaven! Its A Very Addicting Party Game!

  2. Chorus kid for smash 4

  3. Haha…you know Tsunku or did you just find this via wiki (blackout!!!!)
    Nah, I’m a huge Tsunku fan….mostly C-ute, Berryz Koubou, and
    S/mileagle… I actually bought this game when it was first released, but
    it just isn’t good enough. Some of the games are great…but some are
    annoyingly off. Oh well…I finished it…so it can’t be that bad.

  4. @jariten17 Try importing the Japanese version if you haven’t done so
    already. IMO the dubbed versions of some of the songs don’t do the game

  5. @PockyDuckk I would have to agree. After hearing about the game, I
    purchased Rhythm Heaven and was pleasantly surprised at how fun and
    challenging the game is. This title can be enjoyed by both young and old
    alike. Whether you are a man or a woman, a teenager, or a kid, you will
    definitely enjoy this title. The graphics and gameplay or so simple to
    grasp. But mastering each of the mini-games will require your undivided

  6. Kudos for bringing up this game’s connection with Tsunku!

  7. This is my favourite game of all time! The Wii one gets close, as does the
    GBA one, but the DS one is just amazing. Many people say I’m crazy for
    putting this is my number 1 game of all time, but it deserves it more than
    any other game I have ever played including other popular number 1s such as
    OoT, LttP, Halo, Little Big Planet, Mario 64, GTA3, Sonic 2 and all the
    rest. Truly amazing game!

  8. I really need this, the demo was sooooooo much fun.

  9. This looks like WarioWare on crack. If that’s even possible…

  10. love this game.

  11. nice video man -thumbs up-

  12. an underrated gem.

  13. In Europe its rhythm paradise

  14. AgentQwilfish (MarkThaCat)

    I’m still waiting for the Wii release!

  15. Temple Of The Azure Flame

    Rhythm Heaven Fever is one of the best games of our generation. The DS game
    is great, though.

  16. I’d say it’s better. Elite has better music though.

  17. I completed this game in like a day, I loved it so much 😀

  18. Me gusta this game.

  19. Waiting for another release of this game on the handheld systems

  20. addictive game

  21. Rhythm Games watch?v=tuo3AJUtN7I

  22. @0gami1tto Pretty addicting once you master it. Its my favorite minigame
    and I can do it without looking.

  23. This game proves that mini games complication can be good games.

  24. My favorite DS game. Ya Layton and Final Fantasy are great, but these beats
    both of those in my opinion.

  25. stop SOPA

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