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Asus ROG G751 Gaming Laptop – Hands On

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  1. Guys, is this better or the Aorus x7 v2? Thanks!

  2. MrKillachristopher2

    Am not familiar with these brands my only Question is those it have a
    removable battery ?

  3. I’m going to buy this fuckin monster in few months. But the one I’ll buy
    has i7 4860HQ and 32 GB of RAM. Same price. Absolutely ridicolous price for
    such a so fuckin powerful pc. Must have it!!!

  4. I notice the processor is 2.5ghz… Anyone know what that turbos to?

  5. Neil Absconditus

    Would be nice to see how it stacks up to the competition. MSI GT72, AORUS
    x7 Pro (a bit unfair to compare a single-GPU to it’s SLI 970m’s I guess),
    Maingear Nomad 17, and so on forth. Build quality, heat, performance, etc.

  6. It really amaze me that people complain about weight and the un-portability
    of 5kg laptops. I have 65 kilos and can barely feel this in my lap and
    traveling with 5 kg is like having nothing in my back.

  7. Noah Atwood got this 😮 

  8. Schenker will destroy this.

  9. i got a 450$ Discount’ & Only Paid 1300$ for Mine (-:

  10. Asus ROG G751 Gaming Laptop – Hands On: http://youtu.be/0LZhF2IpiYw

  11. MSI GTX 970 4GB SLI

    Have they tried benchmarking the GPU on these following games, ” The Evil
    Within”, ”Dead Rising 3” and ” Ryse Son Of Rome”? These games causes
    huge fps drop despite FPS fix.

  12. MSI GTX 970 4GB SLI

    I should not have bought the Asus G750jx. Should have wait until now to buy
    this model. What a waste. Sigh.

  13. Will you be further reviewing the product?

  14. “There is a new sherif in town” ouu yea!

  15. im actually debating between this asus g751 with the 970m or the MSi

  16. there are two cpus with 980m one is Core i7 4710HQ with 24 gb ram and other
    is i7 4860 with 32 gb ram how much it will effect the gaming performance

  17. MSI GT72 or ASUS G751JY?

  18. wait a little while more for ddr4 comparable with new intel chip 🙂 it
    should be great with 5g wifi speed connector upgrade as asus has it with
    the zenbook. 

  19. I wish Asus would make a 14in version again

  20. More. more! MORE MOAAAAARRRRRR!
    this is the first video i found from youtube of this laptop. More!
    I am so buying it.

  21. Is this machine really weighs 8,4 pounds ? cause resellers say that , but
    not asus official website…


  23. Is this one of the newer ones? I don’t know which one is old or new ._.

  24. Hi, do you notice any ghosting on the screen ? thanks

  25. Battery is non remove able?i mean fixed internally?

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