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Playstation 4 vs Xbox One : Part 2 – The Controller

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  1. I have a xbox 360 and wanted a new console. I want the xbox one because i
    don’t have to pay for a membership twice but i want the ps4 for because i
    like the controller. I DONT KNOW WHICH ONE TO GET 

  2. I’m going with the xb1 for 2 reasons (both involving the controller) 1) I
    find the xb1 controller more comfortable. 2) that damn touchpad on the ps4
    throws me off when pausing a game. I’m expecting a more traditional
    placement of start, right; nope! Right next to the face buttons. It goes
    against unwritten rules of controllers and even goes against gamer
    instinct. Weither you came from ps3 or 360, it’s a major problem

  3. PlayStation 4 vs XBOX 1

    The XBOX 1 have menu like the Windows 8.0 and that sucks! The PS4 have a
    menu that is much easier! 1-0

    The XBOX 1 controller is not comfortable. The PS4 controller is much
    better, it has a light in the front with many colors & has a touchpad!
    -much more comfortable too! 2-0

  4. Marko Stamenkovic

    If they make me use the fucking touch pad to do QTE’s in next God of War,
    well…..fuck it…

  5. Both the xbox one and ps4 are shit they currently have lot of problems ps4
    easily hack when the xbox one is just useless why would you even want to
    waste your money on a ps4 or xbox one when the ps3 is more efficient and
    last longer sony ps4 network goes down more than ps3 network

  6. Interesting, but all I want to know is if this controller is comfortable
    for someone who likes the Xbox controller layout (I wanna get a PS4).

  7. You forgot to mention the D pad on the DS4. It was HEAVILY changed. The
    buttons are much bigger, and slant towards the middle leaving an impression
    for your thumb to rest. Also, the material is much smoother. Maybe it’s
    just me, but the D pad was a huge reason I loved the controller in the
    first place.

  8. I fucking hate the PS3 controller and I really wanted the PS4 one to be
    much better, because I was going from 360 to PS4… And I was right 🙂 I
    love the PS4 controller! It is so much better than the PS3 one

  9. The ps4 controller lights up and u hear game audio through it. However in
    used to Xbox thumb stick positions as I play too much Fifa 15. Ps4
    controller suits shooter games


  11. Well looks like both consoles turned out to be shit. Wont even have decent
    games for a few years, and I’m only buying a ps4 when Blood Borne comes

  12. PS controller — just copying the N64 controller’s innovations — didn’t
    talk about the original PS controller that lacked the analog control or the
    rumble feature — whatever though right?

  13. Do you guys realize you dont have to switch counsols just because you find
    the ps controller awkward?there are controllers designed like the xbox one
    for ps3 or ps4..

  14. share tanabordee

    I like Xbox one controller
    for PC

  15. WatermelonGaming

    I love the xbox xbox 360 and xbox 1 but I gotta admit that the ps4
    controllers really dominate all the controllers COMBINED sorry xbox I
    haven’t moved on just got real :/ getting ps4 next week (I tried the ps4
    controllers at GameStop)

  16. VideoCopierCenteral

    Ps4 controller looks more like a toy in my opionon.

    The xbox one controller I like but the analogs feel to small.

    I own a Xbox one but I used the ps4 controller at my GameStop. Does feel
    better but looks funny 

  17. Omg buy a Scuf, fuck rumble packs, shit throws of your aim. 

  18. This is coming from an x box fan, the ps4 duleshock4 controller is way
    better than the x box one’s, and based on what I played on both consoles
    the ps4 is vastly superior to to the x box one. So if they wish let the x
    box fan boy hate on this, it’s an inevitably so do as you wish, I will
    laugh at you, when I see your misguided anger.

  19. the ps3 controller the sixaxis is the worst controller ive used

  20. This is hardly a comparison. It’s just a big fucking history lesson
    everyone already knows about. This video is supposed to be about next gen
    consoles and it only speaks about them for about 6 minutes and this video
    is fucking 16 minutes long. Hardly a fucking in depth comparison.

  21. im not a hater but i see no point in a touch pad.

  22. In the second part of Hengest’s Next Gen Comparison Series, we examine the
    history of the Xbox and Playstation’s controllers and how they have

  23. The dualshock 3 sucked, but the dualshock 4 is a beast. He also forgot to
    mention that the light bar changes color based on different situations
    during gameplay. When you’re attacking an enemy, it changes to red and I
    think that’s cool as hell.

  24. the xbox one controler feels and looks better

  25. I like the Xbox One more than the PS4 in general.

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