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CGR Undertow – DECEPTION IV: BLOOD TIES review for PlayStation 3

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  1. CumstainedBedsheets

    Is it similar to Orcs Must Die?

  2. Daughter of satan? Is this Rin Okumura’s long lost sister?

  3. nastycanadian1975

    So basically, this game is Trapt for the ps3.

  4. So should I buy this or what?

  5. In the first Deception game I remember something dealing with some form of
    Satan. It was awesome. I was in my teen black metal/devil music years and I
    loved playing a bad guy. I have to get this game just because I love the
    Deception games. Also Trapt.

  6. Boobs

  7. I bought this for the Vita. It was fun at first, but it started to get real
    boring when you realised that you have a limited number of slots of which
    to equip traps to and some traps have very area-specific usages. That
    wall-push trap was cool and all in the tutorial stages, but honestly –
    without a statue or pillar close to a wall, how often are you going use to
    use that?

    Anyway, while playing this I think I spent more time walking around in
    circles trying to positions enemies than I did actually killing them.

  8. Please take note that this game was also released on the PlayStation Vita
    as well.

  9. looks fun and challenging, I wonder what the current gen versions will look
    like down the line. would be cool.

  10. Between Derrek’s boring cellphone game reviews, and Mark’s Hot Wheels, spam
    email, and Lord Karnage comics, at least we still have TJ to review
    interesting games and obscure imports. I can dig it.

  11. I didn’t realize they made a second Deception game, let alone a fourth. I
    now must find and play all of them.

  12. Protip: The Final Boss is weak to the Sex Horse

  13. ThePleasantYukkuri

    Delicious japanese sadism.

  14. Sioraf asNaCillini

    She’s the daughter of Satan eh? No wonder I was being tempted. 

  15. O_O. ……What kind of game has you play as the daughter of Satan!? I mean
    if you were trying to kill or capture her to get to her dad so you can kill
    him that would maybe be cool, but this is just disturbing. 

  16. My favorite PS3 game. I own all 5 Deception Games. Very Fun & Addictive. :)

  17. Looks freakin fun! 

  18. remembers trapt from ps2

  19. It’s the fifth Deception game, and yet they call it Deception IV. So which
    Deception game are we supposed to pretend doesn’t exist?

  20. I would like to buy this when I get the money.

  21. I remember this game it came out on ps1 lol.

  22. I need this….

  23. gundamzerostrike

    Madworld for PS3.

  24. What if they made another one, and gave it a code that turns all the blood
    into confetti?

  25. Might look into this.

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