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XBMC , Showbox & SKY on the Amazon Fire TV

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  1. For Showbox, what if you used the Amazon Fire TV app on device? Could you
    see a cursor or some sort or it’s still useless?

  2. As per your video.. If you want to see all the US region content, just get
    an old router, install DD-WRT on it, then subscribe to a VPN service with
    servers in the USA, and set the WAN port of DD-WRT to connect to your VPN
    service. I just used a PPTP VPN service for Mexico (I live in USA), and
    Netflix thinks I am coming in from Guadalajara, Mex and I get all the shows
    from their region. Just a thought.. 

  3. Jessica Thompson

    to get xbmc on fire tv go on google type in adb fire download it type in
    your ip address and install apk download xbmc for android then install it
    through adb fire the xbmc will be on your device if you don’t understand
    type adb fire for amazon fire tv into youtube and follow the steps 🙂 :P

  4. Robbie Beresford

    Thnks for the upload jordan. You might wanna try TVMC instead of xbmc. It’s
    basically a lite version of xbmc, but optimised for android and is already
    pre configured with naviX, genesis and 1 channel. The apk file is available
    easily from a google search

  5. Is the STB Player app available yet ?

  6. sorry guys but where can I download Showbox for the Amazon Fire Tv?

  7. Any update on STB Player?!?

  8. Thanks was planning to get Apple TV 3 this looks better

  9. Any update on the STB apk. Looks amazing mate

  10. Any further updates on that STB app?
    I have my UK FireTV coming this month and would love to give STB a spin! :)

  11. Great job! Show box works great! I admit it’s a little confusing without a
    cursor, but if you use a mouse through usb, you can easily maneuver through
    the app. Thank you so much!

  12. get a vpn and all that content will not be blocked anymore! 

  13. hi just ordered a fire tv can you help me i need to get a uk power lead /
    adapter can you point me in the right direction cheers

  14. i like it
    where can i get the stb player apk ?
    thank you 

  15. Please Tell Me how you got Showbox on there without a browser

  16. hi the file wont download to my laptop its sayin no prog associated with it

  17. does Netflix, Ice Film and 1Channel work? Thanks!

  18. Where can I find the Sky (STB Player) apk?

  19. how do you install showbox on the amazon fire box? i was able to download
    it but for the life of me cant get it to open

  20. where can i download stb player

  21. Where can I download STB Player app? 

  22. Great User Interface (UI) well built, and nice all around. Its nice to be
    able to watch Amazon Prime streaming video/music on my television.

  23. Nice. Looks well faster than my Apple TV.

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