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Turok Xbox 360 Review – Video Review (HD)

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  1. this is like the best multiplayer game for me, I mean the servers did suck
    at the time and the organization layer on the game too, but is defenitely
    quite outstanding from the rest, being a fps gamer , i would prefer turok
    multiplayer so much instead of halo, gears, call of duty.Man those knife
    fights with your friends were amazing, the bow has no comparison to any
    other in any game! if you find a better bow knife action gimme a call! I
    actually cried when the service went off, damn i keep playing this
    multiplayer on pc… but true on the campain that sucked cuz of the dumb

  2. I don’t get all the hate, seriously I’ve been playing lots of Turok games
    since I was a kiddo and this one was alright.

  3. Michael Braswell

    In all honesty, I enjoyed seeds of evil and evolution so much more than
    this one.

  4. This game sucks tbh.

    The 64 version was one of my favorite games on the system. 

  5. It sucked balls. 

  6. I bought this game not too long after i got the PS3 and expected it to be
    crap, but i actually ended up enjoying the game

  7. “Theres this weird glow about the characters like they’ve seen the Holy
    Spirit or something…”
    I laughed way more than i should have XD

  8. I wanna know why there haven’t been any more turok games 

  9. AlbertElijahSag101

    I borrowed this from a friend once and I got kind of far but just as Greg
    states, there’s insane difficulty spikes. I had to repeat sections over and
    over again because checkpoints suck and enemies strangely got tough
    randomly. I ended up rage quitting the game but I want to give it another

  10. Why is there so much green in this game? This game has a terrible color
    palette! The programmers need to use less green!

  11. Greg Miller for the win!

  12. First game i bought for my ps3…i loved this game at the time! Now i kinda
    miss it and wish i still had it. Lol!

  13. wtf i didnt know guns have a second fire mode 

  14. raptors bleed, humans don’t. wtf?

  15. This is the first Turok game I can say I actually had fun with. The n64
    versions I would always get lost. This kinda reminds me of halo.

  16. Zelousmarineinspace

    TUROK never cieces to amaze me, & IGN did a good review of it too, so WHAT
    You reading this comment: Go buy the game: IT’S AWESOME!!!
    Fun fact: There is an achievment on XboX for team-killing

  17. I really forgot about this game I just thought of it yesterday lol this
    game was awesome especially since imma big fan of games like these very
    good game too bad I don’t have 360 anymore

  18. this games costs a dollar at pawn shops .you should get it 

  19. Man, I loved this game, I saw it in my old video game pile and decided to
    play it again 

  20. And there’s no ps3 review because…?

  21. LOL it took me 2 weeks to beat the game

  22. Child rescued. Thank you Turok!

  23. hwattaehalllllaioma1243

    why do so many people hate this game, its actually pretty good

  24. yeah add spinosaurus boss fight.. and over raptors then peck you to death
    with there beak

  25. so that’s how you kill the T-Rex.

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