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GTA 5 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Review

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  1. They dont reduce scores from GTA for having issues.
    But LBP3 for little MINOR issues and they reduced score to FUCKING 6.9???

  2. If he gave GTA V less than 10 people still would have complained, because
    how could he rate a better version of the game lower than the original? On
    the other hand, the score’s being complained about because of the cons and
    how it should really be a 9 or something. Well I think he had a very tough
    decision to make and respect the amount of thought that went into this
    reviewer’s analysis of the game.

  3. Ifoundthisoffensive

    Holy shit this game looks way better on the PS4.

  4. the hell are ign on about, graphics are identical on both consoles. I’ve
    watched through like an hour’s worth of comparison’s and neither is better,
    and when one is slightly superior in one aspects of graphics, the other
    will have the edge in another category. 

  5. Xbox one fuckin sucks

  6. Tbh some people are silly, of course it would get a 10 again and it
    deserves it, no one was complaining when there was a whole week of slow
    matchmaking on TLOU multiplayer, but still IGN didn’t mention that did
    they? And TLOU still got 10/10 so there’s no surprise. It would have been
    stupid for them to give it a 9.9 especially as it’s the better version and
    I think they obviously realize there is a patch coming so they are just
    depending on that.

  7. How about:
    Cons: Literally the exact. same. thing. besides better graphics and first
    person mode.
    I still can’t believe people will rebuy it just because it has better
    graphics and is newer with fp. How does that warrant another $60? 

  8. I’m baffled, not to take away from this game but, you guys gave smash bros
    a 9.8/10 and listed no cons but here you listed at least one and this game
    got a 10/10, not really a massive problem but feels like a lack of

  9. super smash bros wii u : 9.8 no cons
    GTA 5 : 10 has online issues

  10. Broken online and they still give it a 10? lol 

  11. If there are online issues, it should not be a 10.

  12. The Professional Commenter

    IGNs review is completely unfair to other titles.

    I like how GTA 5 has online issues just like Halo: MCC yet they don’t take
    off points even though they did with Halo. I know GTA 5s an amazing game,
    but if IGN is gonna review a game, they can’t have double standards. 

  13. Isn’t it sad that Rockstar failed again with GTA online, when they had a
    fucking year to make sure it worked.

  14. Nicolas Boissiere


    IGN: “Both generally do a good job at mantaining 30 frames per second…”

    Me: “Next gen everybody…”

    IGN: “… With only occasional minor slow downs.”

    Me: “…Next gen everybody” As I shed a lonely tear down my cheek, pull out
    my gun, and pull the trigger.

  15. I dunno. I already played GTA5 on PS3 way too much and im still enjoying
    it. Buying the PS4 version just to redo all the exact same stuff but in
    1080p with a first person shooter view doesn’t sound so tempting. Because
    it would feel like selecting to replay a story mission that I already

  16. GTA5 is hardly a 10/10 masterpiece. Honestly it was bit of a

  17. Halo MCC – deducted a point for online issues
    Far Cry 4 – deducted for online issues as well
    Pokémon – deducted for having “too much water” (region based of a city in
    Japan surrounded by water)

    But GTA has online problems but gets a 10
    IGN is fucking stupid. Go buy yourselves dicks to shove up you rich
    assholes from the money rockstar gave you.

  18. MegaDragonslayer1997

    Overrated. 8/10 

  19. I think that IGN painted themselves into a corner with the original 10

    You can’t lower the score when the game has been improved, but then how can
    you give a 10 to a game with a con?

  20. Could a game be more overrated? 

  21. I’m going to wait for the PC version. I’ve had the PS3 version for about a
    year and I love it to death, however, if I’m going to upgrade to the new
    version I may as well go PC since I’ll get 60 fps and Steam support.
    Besides, the only 8th gen console I own is the Wii U so I’m not going to
    spend money I don’t have on a console when I can just get the PC version.

    Oh before you comment, no I’m not a PC elitist. I couldn’t care less about
    the platform the games are on, as long as they’re good that’s all that
    matters to me, so keep that in mind before you make yourself look like a

  22. It doesn’t look very different, I hope the PC version looks much better
    than this…

  23. Wait.. why do they give it a 10 after they acknowledge the Online issues. 

  24. so explain to me why super smash bros gets 9.8 with no cons and gta 5 with
    1 con gets a 10, i understand its a game that got 10 last year with no cons
    but still, online has always been rockstars shit

  25. Glad he mentioned the online having issues, the new online boasts 30
    players but I’ve yet to have a lobby with more than 14 which is

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