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PS Vita Review: Assassin’s Creed: Liberation

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  1. Vita haters best assasins creed portable bitches yall just expect ps3
    quality since ps vita is a beast of a hardware 

  2. Lol this game actually looks and runs better than AC3 on PS3.

  3. Too bad for the framerate issue because this game looks straight amazing

  4. I love AC so i’m gonna buy it! <3

  5. it’s that pirate chick from monkey island!

  6. Which game should i get AC liberations or fifa 15

  7. Lawrence Stevens

    I like that they did a female assassin in this game but i do prefer playing
    as a male (not being sexist)

  8. Ps vita the best portable console in the world i think ps vita has a loot
    to show us

  9. This games runs at fucking 25fps. Just makes the game unplayable most of
    the time, and this game is filled with SO MANY GLITCHES.

  10. Did someone just say the 3ds graphics are soooo much better are you
    seriously high right now?

  11. This is better then psp game

  12. #fannys

  13. Blastmattspast247

    Ad me on Playstation, this and jetpack joyride are currently the only games
    I have on vita but I also have ps3 so add me my Playstation ID is

  14. For me, framerate is not a problem. I love this game, and I think its worth

  15. People stop complaining the games is awsome ! 🙂 If you don’t like it try
    the other portable assassin’s creed – Bloodlines on PSP. Believe me the PSP
    version is just yuck !

  16. Cittykat Does Gaming

    I might get PS vita for Christmas my mom said if I be good

  17. The game never seems to run at even a semi-stable frame rate for me, no
    matter what I’m doing it is almost always running at or under 20fps. Has
    this been a problem for you GamerKingTarheel?

  18. This game has too may bugs!!! Avoid it or u just gonna waste your cash!!

  19. If you don’t like the frame rate THEN FUCKING PLAY THE XBOX OR PS3 VERSION 

  20. i want the PS vita for christmas, but mom said i had to get PS3, becuase
    its not fair to my brothers.

  21. fack you

  22. The 3ds graphics soon much better

  23. -KawaiiOtakuChan.

    Can you like.. mess around in the game *0*???

  24. fantastic youv convinced me to get this, thanks man :)

  25. i have Assassin’s Creed IV Liberation

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