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Product Spotlight: Sony PSP Slim

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  1. Cesar Alvarez HD

    PSP Go is Super Slim Psp lol

  2. @Baydude98 No, the 3ds has finally caught up with the psp.

  3. PSP = Please Suck Penis

  4. lol same here

  5. lol kid on the bus gave me this and 4 games for my ds light and 4 games.

  6. it depends on what sort of games you like to play ive got thel both and
    must say that the psp wins

  7. socom, medal of honor heros 2, jak and daxter lost frontier, call of duty,
    brother in arms, left 4 dead(if it’s on the psp or not)

  8. get the gran turismo pack

  9. is the 3000 better than the slim

  10. jordananthonyruiz

    well ok then i am an iphone fanatic…..i dont like handheld games at all
    so get it right…..prejudice son of a bitch

  11. how many gigs can the dsi hold ds doesnt have gba slot any more so no more
    guitar hero i have yet to see any GOOD hacks on ds cuz psps have custom
    firm ware and can conect to the internet and go on a program called psp
    tube and there is no movies sold for the ds I

  12. lol i agree about the first-person shooter idea

  13. wow it is lighter my friend has one my old one feels like a rock

  14. yeah but you cant run CFW or Homebrew on it. No homebrew=NO BUY

  15. but wen u hack and mod it u can get better sound freee games 100 of 10 from

  16. @WsDeRedeemer One game that I like alot is Rainbow Six Vegas, also gta 3,
    liberty city stories, and vice city stories. Madden 10 is also a good game.

  17. There is also something called DSiTube… And btw the DSi can be hacked..
    and be ahcked MUCH MUCh easie than the psp can.. DSi- just buy acekard2i..
    PSP- install a whoel bunch of crap and buy a pandora battery

  18. you said it!.

  19. @SyedTheDulax can u play ps3 or x box in the car or in your club or in any
    place the psp is suposed to be like ps2 only its portable

  20. This stuff is pretty good.

  21. I have the old one and it just cant be rouind!

  22. you CAN run homebrew!

  23. Johneymute supergd

    yeah the psp slim&lite is just better then the psp3000 and psp go . yeah
    the psp go sucks ass cuzz sony try,s to grab peoples by the balls!!!!!!!!
    well no no no the psp slim & lite is just simply the best,take that sony
    shame on your shitty worthless psp go.

  24. Exactly! Love it EPICNESSSSSSS to the max!

  25. ifalienplssubscribe

    back at the 90’s we call analog sticks.. JOYSTICKS.

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