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Classic Game Room HD – DEVIL SURVIVOR for Nintendo DS review

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  1. A large number of the demons are actually based on different religions from
    around the world. Go to the SMT wiki to learn a lot more about them,
    there’s actually some really interesting things

  2. Oh my God, kill me — can these teenagers shut the hell up and just fight,
    or die, or do anything else besides talk — please?! I love a good story
    but this game (like so many DS games) subscribes to the theory “why use 10
    words when 400 will do?” Start playing this game an hour before you
    actually want to do anything.

  3. it’s not a sequel per say

  4. Yeah it’s better to get the 3DS port…….it’s less buggy than the DS one

  5. How hard are these Devil Survivor games? I want to play them as I love P3
    and 4.

  6. @Movienerdify uhm gameplay is NOTHING like TWEWY, it´s turn based combat
    system, with Fire Emblem navigation in the place. TWEWY is just rubbing and
    tapping on the screen while you command the girl in the upper screen.
    Couldn´t disagree more.

  7. lmao yes but its only for Nintendo DS and it came out February of this year
    lol it betters the previous mechanics of the first game and adds some new
    ones that make it even greater yet also having it be even more difficult too

  8. @EXHellfire I do like Tales series, there are like so much fun, I played
    Symphonia. I think that Suikoden is Namcos best rpgs just an opinion.
    Xenosaga is more like you really need to get into the story, so long
    dialogue so long story but it is interesting that they made it into a
    trilogy, kinda like a movie. But still to moi Shin Megami Tensei are all in
    pedestal because Strange Journey, the destruction does not take place in
    Japan any more but the whole world.

  9. I ran into the same issue when just playing through the story (started 3
    weeks ago), but grinding isn’t really the answer, or wasn’t for me. I just
    spent my Macca in the auction and fused 2 demons together for a stronger
    one. Then figure out which demons work against others and it seems fine.

  10. it does

  11. 真.女神轉生

  12. Wow dude, now you’re trying to make me really mad, right? You’ll get used
    to it and if it makes you feel better: they are all around 18. But
    seriously, embarrasing to play…get on my level and try some Harvest Moon
    for girls. Then we can talk.

  13. Monika Tomaszewski

    I want this game for christmas

  14. @EXHellfire Xenosaga ;p

  15. you dont need to be on parwith levels to win if you have a good strategy
    and character build

  16. they’re only difficult if you suck at strategizing, if not they’re a
    “normal” kind of difficultly, and compared to the persona games, these are
    bit easier imo

  17. Name at least five, I bet you can’t, the only two I know of are Devil
    Survivor Overclocked and Tales of the Abyss.

  18. But, after all the explanation u gave, and after all the expectation in my
    mind, it all gone to the garbage with that visuals x_x I stand the anime
    style just because its a Shin Megami Tensei game but… i will try to play
    Yggdra on psp when nobody is watching

  19. If you are talking about windago (no clue on spelling) it is supposed to be
    a boss and hard to kill but it i possible to kill it at low levels because
    i killed it at lvl 7

  20. I know, i went into devil survivor 2 without knowing the amped up difficulty

  21. i got this on an emulator

  22. I’m also getting overclocked

  23. @MrBuddysam no offense but this game follows the pattern to Shin Megami
    Tensei games where is about the destruction of Tokyo, then in fact The
    world ends with you is a rippoff of Shin Megami Tensei games why you don’t
    watch the video he even mentioned it

  24. OneColdRepublican

    oh the humor this guy has when reviewing, I lol all day long…

  25. Part of the draw of this series is high difficulty. These games have been
    freaking hard to conquer since day one on the Super Nintendo. (Or
    technically, on the NES, though those were referred to as simply Megami

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