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Win The Ferrari 9590 Extreme Water Cooled Gaming PC & More!

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  1. Tech of Tomorrow

    The AMD song will be up to listen to for FREE and for sale in the next week
    as a single. You guys are the BEST FANS IN THE WORLD!!!

  2. Tech of Tomorrow

    A quick Heads up, only about 50 slots left in this promotion, and for those
    asking about the music after it ends we will be sending all 500 of you a
    link where you can download my entire catalog of music. I don’t know about
    you, but that damn AMD song is stuck in my head, LOL

  3. Tech of Tomorrow

    We will be filming the drawing tomorrow, I am really sick and need to rest
    for a day.

    Peace, and thanks.


  4. Lol I hope I didnt miss the drawing! Also, I hope you are feeling better by
    now. Hopefully you are not still sick during the holidays. Good Luck to
    everyone. #merrychristmas 

  5. Elric updated his facebook: “I was sick with Pneumonia, but I am back now
    and will be filming the giveaway tomorrow my friends for the Ferrari 9590
    and the other systems. So sorry for the delay, but I was so sick I could
    barely move around. Thank you for your patience.”

    Glad you’re feeling better. Good luck everyone!

  6. So… who won?

  7. what about the winners?

  8. Come on, announce the winners. :P

  9. My pc has been slapped by a lightning and i cant make videos to youtube :/
    I need a new PC to make videos to youtube 🙂
    Thanks for giveaway ^^

  10. alex kramarevsky

    So whens the giveaway drawing going to be announced

  11. When are the winners being announce?

  12. What case is the aurora one?

  13. Ariel ASMR And Gaming

    If I had $25 I would… Honestly broke. =/ 

  14. If you were to buy this 500 time for 250 dollars you would win a 1000
    dollar pc for 250.,. Yea

  15. диванные войска группа быстрого комментирования

    а сзади стоят ламповые бошки с кабинетом, короче похуй на эти корпуса,
    сделай обзор на усилки

  16. #MerryChristmas

  17. derauserwaehlte100

    I want to win 

  18. #MerryChristmas!!!!

  19. #happyholidays

  20. Andrés Lopez de Faria Cavallari


  21. #merrychristmas

  22. #MerryChristmas

  23. Good luck to all the people that bought the music pack, those rigs are
    looking awesome. #Happyholidays 

  24. Mmhmmm MSI 780 Lightning!

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