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Playstation 4 Review – BrokenGamezHD

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  1. Would you still recommend getting the PS4? I have a 360 now and want to
    upgrade and i am leaning toward the PS4 

  2. playstation sucks

  3. Did you click the options button to try to see if it had a bulk adding
    feature? Also I believe your saves get auto updated on + so the corrupted
    save may have been backed up already.

  4. i’ve used the xbox one all weekend…there isn’t shit elegant about the
    interface..its a cluttered mess!!

  5. Nice review. And damn he got like over 500 ppl tryna add him. That aint
    close to 2000 yet. I still might have a chance but I know it’ll take
    forever for him to add everybody but Imma still try when I get it.

  6. Nice vids can u subscribe to my channel 

  7. The friends list adding isn’t really a problem, it’s only a problem for
    decent size you-tubers that get hundreds of friend requests at once which
    probably makes up 0.1 percent of the people that have ps4s…….so it’s
    more a problem for you not for everyone else, so don’t expect it to be a
    the top of the list fixes. 

  8. All u talk about is the fucking problems it has

  9. Idk why it’s taking that long. My friends list immediately pops up. 

  10. My BF4 campaign data got deleted 4 times. And one time I was almost at the
    end of the game. But Killzone Shadow Fall worked perfectly for me.

  11. Emmanuel Kubaripo

    Dude, you gotta play WarFrame on PS4, i wanna know if its better on PS4
    that PC

  12. BG man load speed depends on your internet and what the ps4 can process…
    you can’t blame PSN because you used an outside source (youtube) to gain
    recognition in a way that has thousands of requests flooding at you. Normal
    people won’t have an issue because it isn’t a normal issue.

  13. Well all I can say is pretty much what I always say at a lunch for a next
    gen console which is this is why I don’t buy consoles at launch I’m very
    happy sitting here still playing with my ps3 with a shitload of games i
    haven’t even beaten and a lot of season passes that need to be finished I
    was going to 100% get the ps4 first but lately I have been leaning a lot
    more towards getting the Xbox one first then the ps4 later for one reason
    too many. Obviously I am getting both consoles and I don’t give a fuck
    which one people think is better but even I must admit it myself right now
    I’m pretty sure its the xbox one but that’s just my opinion and my opinion
    only and this is coming from someone who’s been with ain’t a lot longer
    than Microsoft but I think or once in my life I might be with the opposite
    this generation.

  14. +PlayStation 

  15. Why dont you just except some friend requests a day

  16. кιηg sιηвα∂ キングシンドバッド

    ADD Madara__ViRuZ THATS ME 


  18. went on way too long about the friends list!

  19. I’m sorry, but how can this be called a review? You you barely covered
    anything of what the system can do.

  20. @18:49 LOLOLOLOL

  21. Lol I see my name on his friend requests 

  22. These things are so PC-ish now its scary 

  23. What store did you buy your ps4 at broken?



  25. Jessie Stevenson

    Anyone that thinks the Xbox one is next gen is wrong. That windows 8 lookin
    kinnect not understanding, cable box relying, garbage lol it’s a joke. But
    hey if that’s your thing then get it. However don’t be mad because Sony
    sold as much in America as you Xbox in several countries.

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