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CGR Undertow – SID MEIER’S CIVILIZATION REVOLUTION review for PlayStation 3

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  1. I love this game it was free on xbox awhile back and i’ve loved it since 

  2. Civ rev might be one of the weakest civs, but i enjoyed playing it. Still
    hoping to get a civ for ps4. maybe Civ 5? without toning the game down?

  3. The game looks and reminds me strongly of Anon 1404 (the wii version) “Dawn
    of Discovery” way to close to it, graphically, and some of the characters

  4. Civ 5 looks soooooooooo much better. Not only graphics but everything!

  5. joseph foksinski

    i have this game too, if you guys ever want to play it with me send me a
    friend request telling me you wanna play 😀 PSN: dragonjoe454

  6. this is the first civ game i played but i still really enjoy it even though
    i played civ 5

  7. Undertow, would you pretty-please tell me the name of the song you use for
    your review intros? I promise it’s not so I can steal it, I really just
    want to put it in a playlist for personal listening :’)

  8. Looking for someone to play on 360 my gamertag is noobbuster3000 and would
    like to join a tournament on this game or something like that friendlies
    during week competitive on weekends 

  9. I have this game. Very fun.

  10. This game was one of those games, that made me buy PS3 instead going for
    the PSP Vita.
    After playing this game couple of times I came to the conclusion, that Sid
    Meier’s Civilization Revolution is a OK game in the series, but very
    I have played first Civilization on the Snes & Civ2 on the PS1 multiple
    times & compared to those games CivRevolution just doesn’t give much.
    I would describe CivRevolution as Racing Game of this series. 

  11. It isn’t that choppy in the xbox version

  12. Sioraf asNaCillini

    You have to get to Alpha Centauri eh? Sounds familiar.

  13. Is this the guy from vsauce 3?

  14. One of the most boring games I’ve ever played.

  15. Overall a solid game which casual RTS players should embrace.

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