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Amazon Fire TV Video Review

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  1. Looks shit, Rip off of Mario Kart


  2. You want to know the difference between this and the Xbox One? It’s not
    trying to be both an all in one box and a AAA game console. And it’s $100.
    If Microsoft wanted an all in one box they should have had it like this.
    $100 for a streaming box with low level indie/android games. XB1 would have
    been a great idea if it wasn’t a game console. Because it isn’t.

    Let’s face it. Microsoft didn’t want make a gaming console at first. Don
    Mattrick wanted to make what Amazon Fire TV is but decided to use the Xbox
    brand to sell it.

  3. No wifi?! Does it also run on coal???

  4. ANUS

  5. do the voice commands work better then Kinect?

  6. cod rip off

  7. Dat copy & paste xbox controller.

  8. I just came here to see what people think of the box

  9. why does this little shit have minecraft, but ps4 and x1 dont???

  10. “Lacks HBO go”? so I cannot watch HBO?

  11. Thought it was great when they searched for Gary Busey movies.

  12. To make it short and sweet, It’s the same thing as the rest of the
    streaming boxes for the most part. It add’s speed from the dedicated gpu
    and good amount of ram. The end.

  13. if i am a prime member of amazon i need to pay some extra cost for movies
    or tv shows?

  14. Super Smash Bros 4 looks amazing 

  15. “…misread anything I said…”

  16. Separate, not seperate, IGN.

  17. First person shooter? Although the guy was in 3rd person? 

  18. So it’s basically a smartphone/tablet that you plug in the TV…

  19. Who the hell would buy this to play games on? 

  20. I guess the Minecraft Wiki will be adding a few new pages “Amazon Fire
    Edition Upcoming Features” xD

  21. this thing is like 100x better than xbox one.

  22. Somebody wants to be Greg Miller

  23. I hate this guy: so, so, so, so, much.

  24. Its pronounced assault 8 not ass fault and sef zero looks so much like
    sanctum 2.

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