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GameSpot Reviews – Batman: Arkham City Video Review (PS3, Xbox 360)

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  1. I hate this girls voice soooooooooooo much holy crap it’s so annoying 

  2. You know this game will be ONLY on PS4 and Xbox one

  3. i thought it was a dude .. just a geeky dude .. but i can hear the bitch in
    her forsure now ..

  4. Really hate Carolyn’s reviews, sorry.

  5. Kuato Total_Recall

    is this worth buying?

  6. Free for ps plus

  7. Carolyne!? Wtf!

  8. Cnt wait fr arkham knight.finally i can explore gotham city and not arkham.

  9. Carolyn’s reviews are the best, along with Kevin’s. All you kids need to
    grow up and accept that some people are different. 

  10. its a gay guy ?

  11. This things voice totally takes away from the basis for a good review.

  12. Is this a girl!?!?!

  13. No offense, but what does this guy know about the “rhythm of combat”? The
    highest combo I saw in this video was x18.

  14. I give this 10 masterpiece! Cant wait for arkham knight omg omg ! I love
    saying that!!!!

  15. I’m sorry, the review might me good, but I can’t listen to this voice any
    longer. I know it’s unfair but damn it’s so cocky, nerdy!

  16. Wow…transgenders are so annoying.

  17. Love Carolyn’s reviews. All Gamespot reviewers are good and give me a good
    sense of the game.

  18. PrinceK Baptiste

    Most likely getting it next month!

  19. Carolyn,I’m sorry but your voice annoys.

  20. Arkham Origins has all these features like Arkham City, and also an AWESOME
    story, yet it got a 6… Good job Gamespot.

  21. LOL Its a woman

  22. I hated the riddler challanges, they were too hard and theres too many aso
    i wish the boss’s the the one handed dude were in free roam not just the
    story missions. Other than that it was a god game and i cant wait too see
    that Batman Origins will be like.

  23. it’s supposed to be a she

  24. Transgender reviewer.

  25. Why does your voice have to be so pointlessly annoying?

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