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PS Vita Soul Sacrifice In-Depth Review + Gameplay

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  1. Traje dance. ???? Code? ?

  2. Plis

  3. Soul sacrifice delta is on sale people!

  4. The music composer for this game is the same guy who did chrono trigger i

  5. how to use transform 

  6. this game is great and free on plus, been playing this alot now cant even
    remember when i last played that much on my vita :p

  7. Nice video. Have the game currently downloading for free via PS+

  8. free on ps+ US on 19 nov yeay :D

  9. Definitely an amazing game. Hated it at first but gave it a second chance
    and now its almost impossible to put down for me. The story is good but the
    lore was really amazing.

  10. Franz Barrientos

    Trust me a lot better I person especially in oped most of u niggas uses
    LCD… This camera is so grainy 

  11. is it dificult to play this game in japanese?

  12. This game is amazing I agree!

  13. It is region free, I shit you not I looked it up, that has got to be happy
    news for people over seas.

  14. セバスティアン シュルツ

    i lol’d a little bit @ “this is an off-screen recording… ‘cuz the colors
    are off” xD

  15. Lazarus Livingston

    should I get this game or resistance burning skies

  16. monster hunter with super power xD! just kidding..already reserved one at
    gamestop..can’t wait till 30th of April……….

  17. Baddass Overlord Zatta

  18. Ah man, I thought it was gonna be more like the Souls games. This looks
    fine but I probably won’t get it… If I get a Vita.

  19. This game is simply GREAT. The monsters and combat are insanely fun. It
    really is a shame when people say there isnt any games for the Vita when
    this game exists.

  20. love the music in this :3

  21. They haven’t made another Monster Hunter for the vita, because Capcom is
    with Nintendo now. 🙁

  22. I “inported” shinovi versus ps vita game from japan to eu and was happy
    that it worked!

  23. NotTheAverageGamerz

    is the vita region free? i just bought one on ebay and am waiting for it in
    the mail!

  24. I’ll be getting my vita next week if youd like to play sometime 😀

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