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Sony Psp 3001 Review Pt1 (Happy New Year)

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  1. take it easy kid

  2. @OEchogearO Do you think ps vita can play all the psp games?

  3. Cool Thanks

  4. Are the 3000 and the 3001 the same????? please answer back

  5. Hey matt nice review

  6. dude what are you 6 years old??

  7. @209YuNg hahhaha …it is

  8. @tyreek426 zellers a canadian store and its discontinued and fyi its a
    canon powershot sd 1200 is

  9. im going to get psp and can you tell me which version to choose?

  10. where did u get ur video cam

  11. HowzaMediaProduction

    nice review

  12. cristianogomes123456

    can someone tell me the difference between the psp 3000 and the psp 3001?

  13. TrueMapleWarrior

    If UR a girl I would say ‘I love u:)’ if u say your a boy…FUCK U

  14. @Anaraa72 HOW ABOUT 3001?

  15. This is fuckin boring

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