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CGRundertow MEGA MAN ZX for Nintendo DS Video Game Review

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  1. It broke my heart that you did not say Command Mission when calling out the
    Megaman games 🙁 . hahahaha

  2. Im most likely buying this

  3. Tbh i was never exposed to capcom games, and this was my first actual
    megaman game. I enjoyed it a lot and all of the different models were
    really fun to run around in, not to mention that the soundtrack is pretty
    cool imo. Definitely made me more interested in playing more megaman games

  4. Main timeline: classic,X,Zero,ZX and legends. Alternate timeline: Battle
    Network and starforce.

  5. MLG MonsteRxHydrA

    it remembers me when I was 6 :’)

  6. The zx series is the sequel of the zero series

  7. Guys, calm down. Megaman is in SSB4.

  8. mega man soccer is the shortest with only on in the series.

  9. We need another game in this series. While admittedly the games didn’t
    really change the status quo (model A’s function was pretty cool though) It
    did elaborate on something previously regulated only to the Zero series of
    platformers: it created a world with lots of good characters that you
    wanted to help. While in the original megaman I didn’t really care about
    the people megaman was protecting (let’s face it, they trusted Wily in 9,
    they can’t be that bright.) Zero gave us NPC’s like Ciel that we wanted to
    fight for, and ZX gave us a world that we wanted to protect. ZXA’s
    cliffhanger notwithstanding, ZX is our chance to see the better world that
    Zero created and look for the characters that we met in Zero. Here’s hoping
    for a 3ds zx game that tells us what happened to Ciel and the others. Plus
    you get to kill that #$@% Weil again. That’s got to be worth something.

  10. Lightning Blade XIII

    oh wow i got this preowned game yesterday in target and its like megaman

  11. seriously u never did a x8 review?

  12. i just got this game ._.

  13. I remembered playing this game as a kid, great memories.

  14. I know that this is an unpopular opinion, but I don’t like to see the Mega
    Man games stuck in the 8-bit era forever. They’re great games, but a lot of
    fans place them too high on the pedestal. I would love a ZX3 honestly, but
    the way Capcom treats Mega Man right now, it’s highly unlikely.

  15. Do Not Listen To This Man, For He Is A Fool……T_T

  16. you know who else speaks like william shatner… the head honcho mark for

  17. @TheReconer Not really since there isn’t any Megaman games being made.


  19. Edward James Kenway

    I think we need to go to Capcom and break hell there, let the hellhounds
    rise from the grounds, kill each person who had part in the April Fools
    ZX3, and make Ninja Theory pay for their arrogance(< Oh yeah, I'm bringing this shit up.)We will rain hell on Capcom while playing Weils theme all across the planet and then we'll make Ragnorok and blow every Capcom to smitherins muahahah! I'm only kidding, but seriously, Capcom needs to step it up. "Come on, step it up" ~ Sonic The Hedgehog

  20. I think I’m just gonna get the zero collection because I grew up with the x
    series and well . . . zero is just badass lol. Mostly I just don’t think zx
    will be as interesting. I’ll probably pick up that soccer game too lol

  21. My god I love this game!

  22. It’s last in the Battle Network series… There are 2 timelines: Main and
    Alt 🙂

  23. Beautiful animation at 3:26, throughout really.

  24. So capcom won’t give us more of this ? or MEGA MAN LEGENDS 3? what wrong
    with them???!!!

  25. I agree with you, don’t get me wrong nostalgia is all well and good, but
    looking to the past with “Classic style” isn’t the way forward. Megaman ZX
    and ZX Advent are two of my favorite Megaman games and they did tease at
    ZX3 (but that was a cruel april fools joke), even if Ashe’s voice acting
    was totally uninspired and lets be honest the game was made for Grey, but
    their still up there with Battle Network 6.

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