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Alienware 17 – Gaming Laptop Review

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  1. Should I get 18 or 17. I want the 18 but I prefere the looks on the 17
    because the screen is nearer to the edge of the laptop but the 18 is

  2. SynysterGates-474

    Nice review! Nice opening song too, i’m a big fan of A7x. Keep up the good

  3. Nelson Gonzales11

    This laptop looks amazing

  4. I have an gaming laptop and all I can say is, get an real pc. 

  5. I have one and i love it 🙂

  6. Darn overpriced oh well I will get the alienware 18 because it has windows
    7 and an 18 inch screen but for at least $5,300 or in the $4,000 zone, but
    I think its worth it since I travel a lot and trying to earn the money for
    this thing.

  7. A few months ago I purchased the laptop, knowing about the small community
    that said Alienware was crap (I thought they were simply envious.) About
    three weeks after purchasing it the charging port inside the laptop broke
    (I didn’t do sudden moves or put it in weird positions for it to break) so
    I returned it. Although, it did run all my games at 60 FPS max settings,
    and looked nice, that’s absolutely no excuse for a $2,400 dollar laptop to
    break so soon. I did some research, turns out that Dell uses cheap
    materials for the charging port and when it breaks they pin the blame on
    the motherboard and charge a $600 fee for replacement. I guess my brother
    was right when he said Apple is the only company that makes laptops right.
    Guess returning it was worth it for the nice gaming PC I built now. :)

  8. nice laptop!
    the only thing thats missing is a full HD 1080P display to get the full
    performance out of that 860M but other than that its pretty much a gamer’s

  9. That is a good labtop but Asus has almost all the same specs (minus the
    80GB msata) and it has an intel core 17 4710HQ and it came with windows 8.1
    64bit for alot less. Your labtop was $2000 dollars mine was $1300 I don’t
    see why you would pay so much for that one when you can get almost the same
    for $700 dollars less. Not trying to hate its still a good labtop just to
    much when other labtops have the same for less.

  10. How is it 16.2 inches long, when it’s a 17 inch screen

  11. Ok guys im a gamer but never really used pc 4 it. Now that I found
    something I like im looking to drop 1300 on a gaming rig problem is I dont
    know much about the inside of my labtop. So I was hoping someone here could
    help. Id much rather get a whole new rig for just gaming. For a reference
    point the game I play (getamped2) the 1 issue I have is lag and my labtop
    overheating after about 8 hours of play

  12. my son might get on for his birthday or xmas

  13. I am very sure I want this computer, but just one little question. Does it
    really max out on 60 fps? This feature really means a lot to me, and
    sometimes my computer can run higher than that, even though it’s an i3
    computer. I’m not sure if it’s just for those games, but yeah, answer that
    question. Thanks! PS, I play Minecraft A LOT, and I’m not sure what the
    whole 60 fps thing is, but I’m basing it off this game.

  14. got the new 17 and shit after 6 months it starts to overheat the cpu i get
    around over 60*c, but anyway the computer is great

  15. GoldScorpio - Kidd

    What is it like to have it on your lap. Sometimes I like to sit on a bed
    with a laptop. Would it be so heavy that it would hurt my legs?

  16. Nice review. You deserve to get 10k subscribers soon! :)

  17. Azura The Daedric Prince

    A fuckin’ library? Really?

  18. I have this same Laptop, its my 3rd week with it and all I can say is the
    $2,000 dollar price tag was well worth it. Its my first gaming PC, and my
    consoles havnt had any play time since I got it. Makes me feel a lil bad
    man but hey its what it is for. Question though. would me installing
    I-tunes on it be a bad mistake?

  19. Omg bro. These sums up all of my decisions. Thanks bro. Alienware!!! here
    we go. I’m just thinking that, can it survive for like 24 hours of gaming
    with the charger plugged on it? Will it overheat or something? You’ll feel
    the hotness of the laptop? 

  20. I want to make zombie maps and plan to do some independent video game
    projects. Is an alien ware good for that? Im willing to spend as much as i
    need to in order to have the best. If so, what do you prefer I should get?

  21. Have you overclocked your cpu?

  22. GoldScorpio - Kidd

    The gameplay looks kinda blurry on the alienware screen. Is that normal for
    it, do they use a different type of colour variation?

  23. So im guessing it would play any game on Steam pretty well????

  24. I think this laptop is great for my use, which is using it for Revit MEP
    R15 (Cad Modeling), AutoCad R15 & Optishot (golf simulation). I rather buy
    a new laptop than have to deal with VMware or BootCamp for my new 15″ Mac
    Book Pro.

  25. Bro its a very good laptop but ill buy the Alienware Alpha Console. Man if
    you haven’t seen that beast its a little but powerfull beast.

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