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CGR Undertow – MLB 14: THE SHOW review for PlayStation 3

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  1. Michael Martinez

    Bring back MVP!!!

  2. El Pollo Loco 51

    The Wii Sports baseball > all other baseball games!

  3. Baseball is about as boring as American football. Stop. Start. Stop. Start.
    Ad Nauseam. Ugh..

  4. “Too complicated, wah wah wahhh.” Get your ADD sorted out.

  5. 11 was the best. Very complicated, takes forever to beat 1 game lol. But,
    if you love every detail of baseball this is for you.

  6. Michael Martinez

    “Overly complicated option”
    LOL its not rocket science dude…
    Its cool that you like simplicity, but simplicity does not make a game good
    even a sports game. I like classic CoD games for example, but I still
    prefer newer CoD games (post CoD 4) because of its customization, perks,
    kill streaks etc. Not exactly barebones, but its still fun to play.

  7. Wow, I never knew Jake Bugg made it to America.

  8. Please review MVP Baseball 2005.

    The pitching is slightly less fun than in the Show, but the hitting and
    baserunning are amazing.

    MVP 2005 is still the best baseball game ever made.

  9. ProWrestlingFan 486

    PS3 such a dated system. Review the PS4 version!

  10. Thanks for this excellent review. I’ve considered getting the Show for
    years and I think I’ll try it out during this long cold offseason. 

  11. My favourite baseball game is Super Baseball 2020. Robots + babes + land
    mines = good time.

  12. Though similar to last year’s version, Sony’s annual baseball series
    returns with another fine installment.

  13. Baseball is and will always be boring as hell.

  14. This game looks INCREDIBLE

  15. Looks incredible… But it’s a baseball game…

  16. You should have done a comparison between the PS3 and PS4 versions.
    Obviously PS4 will look better.

  17. Mine still runs no where near as gold as this 

  18. Incredibly average graphics for next gen 

  19. Baseball is the greatest sport and if you dont like it then you shouldnt
    consider yourself American

  20. TheHarryBalzonya

    This game is the reason I bought a PS4

  21. baseball is boring and so are baseball games

  22. These sports games today are looking more and more realistic! 

  23. The only baseball game I like is Baseball Stars 2 for the Neo Geo. Super
    Baseball 2020 is also pretty cool.

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