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Gaming on Amazon Fire TV: Minecraft, Asphalt 8, Sev Zero, Minion Rush, and Riptide GP2!

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  1. you stated the poor state of the controller, and you in-part blamed the
    fact that it was Amazon’s first time designing one. Have you tried Nyko’s
    PlayPad for Amazon Fire. I know Nyko is known for making cheap knock-off
    devices, but do you think that it might actually be better because they
    have more experience? (It’s also half the price on Amazon)

  2. You can apparently use an Xbox 360 wired controller if you’re not keen on
    the Amazon controller.

  3. How did you record this ?

  4. The frame rate is my only issue but that could be down to multiple apps
    left open or just your recording software keeping up with the frames.

  5. Can u play fifa

  6. I’ll tell you what- there are a couple things Amazon could do to make this
    thing irresistible to we gamer types: 1) offer a bundle package for around
    the $100 price point that includes the controller (even if they have to
    ditch the standard remote to achieve this price – call it the “Gamer Pack”
    if you must) and 2) Get a few more exclusives. Android gaming on the big
    screen can be accomplished in way too many forms of late; many of which are
    far more affordable than this thing’s $140 total price.

  7. So can you play multiplayer games with your phone 

  8. Do the games on amazon fire tv get updated as often as the apps do on
    phones ? Reason I ask is because games like minecraft are updated a lot and
    are given new features all the time . Are they updated on here too ? 

  9. Well yeah its great for the casual gamers but not real gamers 😉 If u r
    true gamer u will stick with consoles or Steam ;)

  10. Thatoneblackguy258

    “stick controller” you mean the remote? “second controller” the gamepad?
    Did this bug anyone else!

  11. calling a remote a “stick controller” is like grinding nails on a
    blackboard. 1:27

  12. Although the games you played don’t have anything groundbreaking or show
    anything new in the way of gameplay compared to what we’ve seen before, I
    still want to buy the console and try it out. I am impressed with the
    graphics but I want to see more exclusives come from Amazon’s gaming team
    before I make the jump.

  13. could you make more videos showing other games on the fire tv? maybe gta
    san andreas?

  14. Yay I just got the fire tv I CANT WAIT

  15. Джордж Джейкоб

    Smartphone and tablets

  16. can u play multiplayer?

  17. Jacquie Patrimonio

    We already had two Apple TV”s and a Wii that we use for streaming, but the Amazon FireTV is the best of them.

  18. im debating playstation tv or this only because of gta on amazon and vita
    has great games

  19. I’m pretty sure that there is gonna be fifa 14 for amazon tv 

  20. Could you try out deus ex the fall.

  21. Джордж Джейкоб

    Haha xbox loser amazon better

  22. If you like you can plug in a wired 360 controller to the fire tv

  23. I got surprised with the Amazon Fire TV, the tiny box has a lot of power, and the performance is incredible I have no interruptions while watching Netflix. I have seen it buffering few times, but it is extremely fast and much better than the Sony NSZ-GT1.

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