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Sniper Elite 3 Review (PC/ Xbox One/ PS4)

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  1. CrossingThe Rubicon

    Good review but it’s called Sniper Elite 3 not Sniper Elite Free. 

  2. Good review! Definitely buying this on PS4


  4. can someone tell me how long the story is in hours..

  5. Mate you dont know what your talking about this game is glichy as fuck at
    one point my fucking rife disappeared you said it runs well it dosent at
    all you play for 4 hours and you would see that. I got this game on both
    machines coz i do my own reviews and this game maybe fun at times but the
    bugs are fucking terrible if you dont belive me go and buy it like i did
    its glichy as fuck.

  6. How can you do reviews and not see screen tearing guys flying into the air
    when you stab them !!!! on the second level if you die and start again
    your rifle disappears its fucking buggy as fuck and you tell everyone it
    runs well like what game are you playing Captin Crunch coz it cant be
    Sniper im buggy as fuck Elite.

  7. What’s the better system to play it on, I have both and ahhhhhh it’s
    driving me nuts

  8. Oh crossing. Accents are to die for. Lol the same though.

  9. Anderson oliveira pacheco

    Cortes na tela desaparecem por completo

  10. way too overpriced fort what they are selling

  11. portablefreewaregames.com

    cool video thanks for sharing :-)

  12. Great review. Could’ve used more opinion on the MP modes, though. How do
    they play? Are they worthwhile?

  13. Anderson oliveira pacheco

    On vsync xbox one!!kkkkkxbox wins

  14. Dont listen to this review coz this game has more bugs than my garden 

  15. too poor

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