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Amazon Fire TV Stick Review – Movies, Gaming, XBMC, and Sideloading Android Apps

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  1. The new Amazon Fire TV Stick is a fantastic value. Here’s my full review
    including sideloading! 

  2. How does the actual fire TV deal with N64 emulation compared to the stick?

  3. It is hard sometimes to appreciate how advanced something like this $30
    Android in a stick is. If you would have told me in 1994 that we would have
    computers the size of a pocket knife that were vastly more powerful than
    the large beige box I had played games on, I would have been skeptical. I
    would have believed that they would be far superior, but not that small

  4. Lon, great video and as always you loaded xmbc so big thumbs up for that..
    What size are your mkv blu files. Are you compressing those? 

  5. Please how to sideloads apps ?

  6. So no asphalt 8 for this device? 😀 

  7. Have you looked into xbmc on fire? It should make using xbmc easier

  8. Shardie886 Games

    Can you try a gba emulator and pokemon emerald in a video please

  9. Hello
    Great video! I’m new to this so, this was a very informative video! I just
    purchased this stick today “Black Friday” 2014 and I’m waiting for it to be
    delivered soon. It must be a nice device because, it was solded out!:~)
    ***Can you please do a follow up video of how to add more apps to this
    device. Step by step please and thanks in advance. And can you go slow and
    show it as well? Thanks once again….

  10. how do you mirror the stick with the fire hdx, and will it mirror xbmc from
    fire tablet to tv?

  11. You are my favorite tech reviewer on Youtube! I just subcribed after
    watching so many of your videos.

  12. kidwithunlaceboots

    Can this run on live apk cause the fire TV can

  13. got it for $25 at BestBuy

  14. Please show ups how to sideload on this thing

  15. Great review, thanks.
    You have some cool stuff on the shelf ;)

  16. KoningWoelieWoelieYo

    I have looked a little bit more into the specs and I believe you should be
    able to play Minecraft or Unturned with mods that reduce graphics even more
    or a Optifine (A mod for MC) like mod that pushes your FPS to its limits..
    And I know for a fact it can run Unturned with graphics mods because my Pc
    has got the same specs but with a 2GHz (single core) CPU and that runs it
    fine. Anyway as always nice review!

  17. please please please make a follow-up Vid showing screen mirroring
    abilities or miracast, i just purchased it form bestbuy be4 checking if it
    supports casting my device to the TV 

  18. How do you sign in to youtube.com account on the stick. It doesn’t allow me
    to do that..

  19. Picked one of these up specifically for their portability and that I have
    been frustrated with Chromecast in general. Hoping this device is a good
    solution for me. We want to take it with us when we travel so that we don’t
    have to rely on hotels/rentals movie selections when we’re relaxing in the
    evening. It’s absolutely the perfect size for that.

  20. Thank you for the video, I’m on the edge of buying the Fire Stick since I
    already have a Chromecast, but I am interested in the Miracast
    capabilities. Did you manage to try that?

  21. Cool. I was thinking about getting a firetv until I saw how hard side
    loading was. I just got a chrome cast yesterday for the mirroring function.
    It works great. The latency is really low and playable. Depending on the
    game you play though. However emulators worked great and asphalt 8 as well
    as quite a few others. Firetv is definitely better for movies and such more
    then gaming and emulation from what I’ve seen. It’s so awesome that now if
    your a casual gamer you don’t need a console anymore. You don’t need a Wii
    collecting dust in a corner. All you need is a phone or a set top box with
    a controller.


    You obviously don’t know much about emulation. I used to play n64oid on
    tegra 2 dual core tablet buttery smooth 60fps with wave race or other
    games. Sega genisis and below your wrong. Dream cast would play buttery
    smooth and ps1. Also ppsspp would work aswell. Don’t forget about onlive
    with pc streaming games and can stream your steam games aswell from that
    and it’s better because it has dual wifi antenna in the fire stick. I’m
    just waiting for a fire tv with tegra k1 so we can play GameCube games with
    60fps like super Mario sunshine luigis mansion resident evil code Veronica
    super smash bros and even the woo games that are playable. Then we’re
    talking about something even more unbeliveable to put in your pocket to
    carry around the size of a sub stick

  23. That was great video. could u go into more about installing the apps?
    Xbmc,firefox, etc

  24. great video man, told my mom to get one and now she’s cutting cable. i cut
    cable about 6 months ago and haven’t looked back

  25. The new Amazon Fire TV Stick is a fantastic value. Here’s my full review
    including sideloading! 

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