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Crysis for the Xbox 360 Review

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  1. Don't race me I'm to fast

    The graphics on xbox don’t compare to the pc look for the comparison on

  2. He makes me unexcited by the dullness in his voice lol

  3. Don't race me I'm to fast

    This has multiplayer for my pc I don’t know about console

  4. crytek really sold out for 20 $ i hate todays developers

  5. JellyDrive PeanutDisk

    The gun customization was there since the first game!

  6. They need to add multiplayer the multiplsyer in crysis 1 is better oh and
    they should put crysis wars on xbox 360

  7. In my opinoun i think crysis 1 is the best crysis i like the aliens better
    and the atmosphere any one else agree

  8. gtx 560 a/570ti a low eng GPU…are you having a laugh?! The ps4/xbox 720
    will be using something like the AMD HD 6670/7670. the GTX560 is a mid
    range GPU and the 570ti…well..doesn’t even exist.

  9. @reaver34572 the release date for the wii u will be anounced at e3 as for
    its power its confirm its goin to be stronger in about 300%-400% than the

  10. Graphics? Same? Nope

  11. um actually ps4 will have a low end graphics card. so more like gtx 560 to
    570ti. or amd radeon hd 7570 or 6590.

  12. @reaver34572 of course pc will be stronger but you cant know for sure if
    nintendo are goin to improve the wii u before reealising it and the specs
    are only for now because they dont want micro and sony to copy stuff from
    them like they always do

  13. Yeah now console gamers can see how they ruined the Crysis franchise, like
    you said Crysis 1’s campaign is better. But I do think the console Crysis 1
    looks worse than console Crysis 2.

  14. because sometimes people/ game corporations are LAZY…. but im going to
    install it from market place cuz I read the first 1 is more open world even
    tho crysis 2 is a wide open fps compared to alot of fps but I LOVED CRYSIS
    2 and this looks like it’s worth downloading

  15. that’s been proven not to matter by analysts. Because downloading it on
    demand, is usually the same price as the retail version.

  16. Hey are the graphics good?

  17. @CEEPMDEE Haha I have every console because im not a poor dip shit who
    thinks he sounds cool over the internet when he’s probably a virgin. I make
    close to 90k a year, not bad considering im only 22, what do you make? Or
    do you just sit on your computer all day talking shit so you can feel
    better about your miserable life?

  18. Cameron Hartshorn

    3:23 You can use a controller, and Xbox one even, on PC

  19. i never said they price the game differently

  20. You’re not alone with that, absolutely! This is my beacon of hope in
    regards to Crysis 3. I hope they’ll take what they learned from this port
    so Crysis 3 can be closer to the original game in terms of map scale and
    tactical gameplay (prone, proper sprinting etc.) I hope this port sells a
    shit-ton, forgiving Crytek for Crysis 2 IS a possibility but they’d have to
    work for it.

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  22. Eloy Hurtado Bermudez

    im so glad that console gamers can play crysis 1 on their systems. i played
    the game on pc but im curious to try it on my xbox 360. i cant figure out
    how crytek ported that amount of graphics and effects to the console
    version. i think this is the best graphics on consoles so far.

  23. Discombolulatedone

    have u played through the pc version

  24. i figured fuck it its only 4.99 might as well get it

  25. cost more to distribute

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