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Wii Virtual Console Collection

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  1. Super Nintendo games are the best what are you talking about dude you don’t
    know what you are talking about

  2. I never understood the appeal of the virtual console. It’s a collection of
    emulators that have way less features than dedicated emulators for
    computers (no special graphics options, no save states) with a much smaller
    library available, and less controller options. In some cases (like with
    the C64), the emulation isn’t even that good. With emulators for computers,
    you have a ton of options, save states (save at any time), your choice of
    many different controllers, the system’s whole library of games is
    available to you, and you can download the games for free.

    OK, that last point isn’t exactly legal, but ask most people if they’d
    rather pat $30 for six old games, or download 1000+ games for free and see
    what they say.

  3. Tribute to tributes

    I’m starting a collection, I grew up with Playstation, so can you reccomend
    anything, right now I have Super Mario 64 and Legend of Zelda: Occerina of

  4. Yeah, it has built in wi-fi, but they do sell an adapter that plugs into
    the USB port that will let you use a wired connection.

  5. I hope Nintendo continues to release awesome games for the Virtual
    Console/WiiWARE — Rocket Knight Adventures, Hagane, Lunar Silver Star
    Harmony, TLoZ: Windwaker, Sonic Advance Series, Pokemon Red/Blue,
    Castlevania: SotN, TMNT IV: Turtles in Time, Castlevania: Bloodlines, TLoZ:
    Link’s Awakening, Shadows of the Empire, Doom 64, Strider 2, Paperboy,
    Capcom vs SNK, Raiden II, and others…

  6. damn a nice virtual console collection yea i bought a wii just because of
    the virtual console i didnt care about the wii games i saw the virtual
    console in the gameinformer magazine n i had to get it one problem it was
    online and i bought a 2000 points wii card and a virtual all controller and
    didnt know how to get it online to get the games i was so upset i still
    have the wii its just covered in dust how do i get it online? theres no
    cords and it looks like its only for wireless connection

  7. Awesome i have to get it

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