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PS Vita Review – Should you get it?

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  1. i seriously don’t know how this guy is comparing the prices of vita games
    to ios games..has this guy gone insane? ios games don’t come close to what
    vita games actually offer.horrible review.and i can’t believe you said that
    besides playing games you cant really do much else -_- are you serious.this
    review may be two years old but what can you do with a 3ds? play games
    that’s what these things are made for….

  2. I’m sick of people saying, 3ds is better, no vita! IT’S ALL A MATTER OF
    OPINION! And people always argue, 3ds sells more! Well that’s because
    Nintendo has been making handhelds for a very long time. I personally want
    to give PS vita a chance because it has more games that appeal to me
    (Minecraft, Borderlands 2, etc.). 

  3. can this thing play my downloaded playstation network games?

  4. i luv the song on it before the vid start talking

  5. ugh idiot the browser is amazing you CAN watch youtube AND theres an app
    for lazy people. This review is old

  6. I got the First Edtion Bundle

  7. I think we should

  8. The lady at GameStop encouraged me not to buy one. So I upgraded my 3DS to
    XL instead. 

  9. I don’t know why the guy in this video is bitching about the browser. He
    probably had crappy internet because it usually takes less than 5 seconds
    to load a page, and they added a youtube app a few months after this video
    was released. and it is miles better than the 3DS browser.

  10. Guys i got it for 150 pound with the lego bundle and the console its self
    but if u dont want the mega pack u can get the console only for 115 pound i
    hopped this help

  11. I highly recommend a vita for any ps4 owner..seriously. just go get one.
    they are so much cheaper now too :)

  12. i got my vita at best buy for $157 and i got 16g for $4

    Should I buy a ps vita or a elgato so I can make a gaming channel? HELP! 

  14. Tristin Gilliand

    the psp 3000 is better because they have a lot more better titles and it
    fits in ur hand better i think they need to rebuild the psp and just put a
    second thumb stick on it and thats it it will be amazing 

  15. Proprietary SD card ? bah.

  16. retrogamingforthewin

    If I get this and a friend has a ps4, can we be in the same party?

  17. ChrisPerelloGaming

    I love my PS Vita. I didn’t pay anything for mine as i traded my old hdtv
    for a brand new one still factory sealed, a memory card and a case. So I
    really love my Vita! I just got it a couple of days ago. I have downloaded
    a couple of demos and was blown away with what the device was capable of. I
    just purchased my first game from the psn, FF7. I love portable devices
    because when I am not home, I still like to game. And what better way than
    with my vita. I have only once small ughhh about it. I wish that Sony would
    have incorporated illuminated buttons on it like the ps button on the
    device. That would have been a big help because I love to play in the dark
    and sometimes have trouble finding a button. But that is just a little
    personal preference.

  18. I only got the ps vita to play persona 4 uwu

  19. The vita is well worth it, looking forward to getting my ps4 soon so I can
    my ps4 games via remote play. Also waiting for the release of 64gig card
    which is suppose to be around $100.

  20. hey can u tell me how to download game for ps vita from my pc?

  21. The vita…….I’m not felling the need to get one,I think I’ll just get a

  22. I’ve seen an offer for around 115 bucks for a used one in great shape. I’d
    play some games on it, especially the Jrpg’s and would love to use the
    Remote Play feature if I’d own a Ps4 one day. Still not completely sure
    about it though.
    Would anyone recommend it to me at that price range?

  23. +Dickaloadian Your name says it all, dick.

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