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Classic Game Room – GLADIATOR BEGINS for PSP review

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  1. Perhaps “hack-and-slash” is a bit misleading. Many fighting games and
    dungeon crawlers have just one type of swing when attacking, but Gladiator
    Begins has a huge assortment of attack moves for the four fighting
    techniques that the player can learn and assign to his action buttons. The
    different unlockable gladiator have different default (unskilled) and
    charged-up attacks that can be used without consuming endurance. Like the
    terrific PS1 game, Bushido Blade 2, each character has different attacks
    for the 3 stances (high, middle & low) that also change with what weapon
    he/she is using. Gladiator Begins also offers a good game by having good

  2. this looks awesome, it´s like the beautifull “Shadows of Rome” for the ps2
    but with no history, just brutal fights!

  3. A must own game!!!

  4. This is the same as Colosseum road to freedom even the animations

  5. Great review! I just want to tell about this game from my experience, so
    please, don’t get mad about what i will say.

    I played this game for the past few days, and it’s really good! cool
    combat, interesting situation that makes you keep going back into the game,
    and really good graphics (Atleast for the PSP). But the main thing that
    makes people back is the combat and the fighting, i know that beacuse
    that’s what makes me to come back.
    BUT! There still a problem! The problem is that it’s really making me angry!
    Beacuse i get so immersed into the game, that when i lose the battle, i
    lose my shit. So i suggest that if you have anger problems, and you want to
    try the game, don’t take TOO seriuosly. 

  6. this is one of the best looking psp games.

  7. I’ve been looking for something like this. Thank You!

  8. TheCaturaOficial

    the game sucks at day 40 evreting is over .l.

  9. i want this game

  10. I cant find Gladiator Begins on the PlayStation Store. Can you? (maybe
    its not sold in my country?)

  11. Gladiator Begins is still the Best PSP Game That Nobody Has Heard Of. And
    it is better than everything else on the PSP, too. At least in the Murder
    Simulator category. The replayability is enhanced by beating the game and
    continuing with a new gladiator. You can select a different type of
    gladiator from the game, either a generic warrior from the provinces, like
    Numedia, Gaul, Germania, etc. or a gladiator from the game, or a gladiator
    from the free downloads. Hope to see a sequel for the Vita!

  12. Wait, its available to play on PS3?!

  13. It sucks man, its not in the level of Gladiator.

  14. Obtaining a copy of this game from the internet is illegal.

  15. Im so pleased to see this game is back, I hope they do more as i’ve got the
    original on the ps2 and have just ordered this one. I hope they make
    another at some point! =D

  16. SPARTACUS!!!!

  17. Playing this after watching spartacus gets me sooo pumped up.

  18. yeah :p

  19. Gameplay of this game on the ps vita on my channel check it out

  20. Just got this game and did not let it go for 12 hours straight. From 3PM to
    3AM and boredom was not the reason i shut it down!

  21. On day 39, you must visit patron Bernados, the head of the Praetorian
    Guard, and play out the missions and story-line for Commodus. Go to the
    show, but push the square button to bring up the patrons, select Bernados.

  22. I got this game,And I must say it’s really addicting!


  24. Love this game…..I looked at this review a long time ago and decided to
    get this game. And I havent regretted it at all. If u like this game too
    check out my channel, imma list downloads this game has.

  25. friend I’m playing in hard difficulty, and on day 40 ludus chief says they
    have killed the Emperor and my game is over, what is the reason. regards

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