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EXTREME Gaming Setup 2013! New Custom Gaming PC

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  1. You do robotics?!?! Wow was I missing something….wait I do robotics…ohh
    what ever

  2. you bought all that stuff and have a mic set up and and shit, and you have
    250 subs? you must have generous parents

  3. First build 6 hours holy shit

  4. Can this PC play Sega Genesis Emulator?

  5. Was the filmed with a potato? 

  6. Can I have your gold membership please contact me on
    07grahaml@gmail.comnand I will tell you my address

  7. awesome set up

  8. Can I have your old par pls

  9. i had the same poster … i love u

  10. All I have is a winxp dell and a iPod -.-

  11. Pretty sweet setup for game
    Recording if you
    Have nvidia
    Use shadow play and subscribed ;)

  12. man that is a monster . you have Battlefield 4?

  13. It’s not extreme if the system only has one monitor…

  14. This was when the xbox 1 was the xbox 720

  15. good pc but here is a tip , buy a 120hz monitor

  16. Ill message you the build ima build.

  17. Talk a bit louder on your next vid man

  18. MRzombieslayer771

    Pedrewthebest minion advanced

  19. what robotics competition do you participate in?


    you don’t have to be rich…are you that fucking poor?

  21. The Alpaca Stunts

    Why the fuck would you use over 50 hours on a gomputer?

  22. Ppl are hating cuz hes wealthy. Lol.

  23. I’m getting a gaming PC with a 15-3570 core 8 gigs of RAM and a AMD Radeon
    7770 graphics card and i cant wait to get it

  24. rich fuck

  25. haha, true. but to be honest i kinda like the haf cases, i would’t buy any
    ot them tho since thay’re too noisy if you put multiple fans in it. it’s
    just your personal taste.

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