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Sony Playstation 4 Unboxing

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  1. Im glad you did you’re own unboxing. You dont realize how many PS4 unboxing
    videos i had to skip and give a thumbs down. Omg…They’re just so F**k’in
    stupid. You sir, deserve a thumbs up. Keep up with the great videos and
    unboxing. So for that, you just gained another Subscriber. 

  2. best playstation 4 unboxings ever and for you good video you have one more

  3. Emirhan İle Oyun

    TÜRKİYE <3

  4. You should do a gameplay on ps4 the game advance warfare

  5. Does Anyone know if Ebay is going to be part of the Cyber Monday ?

  6. I love how you said “To take a break every 12 hours.”

  7. Srry for being a dick but yea

  8. Fifa’s a great game, whether you like the sport or not it it does a good
    job of simulating the sport, and even though it’s not perfect it’s
    football/soccer you can’t change that, I’m English I still think maddens a
    good game.


  9. Ur right fuck me

  10. Super Saiyan God Jared: The Dragon Ball Z Collector

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    anyone interested then click the link.

  11. neat unboxing video! Instant subscription.

  12. Cool console.

  13. I got ripped of 

  14. hey +The Tech Loft does the ps4 come with a Playstation Plus Membership at

  15. Nice

  16. MrMattRockisfication

    You didn’t get watch dog

  17. ThomasLibertyGaming

    I might get a PS4 In 4 months because of my birthday.

  18. Christian Achutegui

    Fifa is the best sports game out ! 

  19. Okay? x600000

  20. Great review

  21. Well I bought one yesterday and I’m pretty sure I got for 500 unless u get
    a used one 

  22. The gaming chicken


  23. Why did they had to include the most retarded game for a PS4?… (And i’m
    not a football hating American i’m a normal straight up European dude) .. I
    mean just throw in Killzone or COD or Battlefield or whatever. 

  24. U stupid dumb ass xbox one is $ 500

  25. I wish you can play ps3 games on ps4

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