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CGR Undertow – DEAD ISLAND: RIPTIDE review for PlayStation 3

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  1. Steffenpoulsen Steffenpoulsen

    I love that I can play games like this while talking with my girlfriend and
    still not worry about loosing major parts of a deep story(in the game). It
    is nice and casual :-)

  2. The Dead Island series are my guilty pleasure games

  3. Looks exactly the same as the first one

  4. god i hated dead island for so long, even when i got it cheap, i hated it,
    and myself, feeling i wasted money on a game i cant play. i can only play
    single player, and everything about it was just against me, the way the
    game saves, the limit in the inventory, the limit in the stamina and the
    number of attacks u can make, how hard it was to heal, how hard it was to
    hit and always getting hit, getting thrashed by the thug, making traveling
    hard, and the quests requiring you to traverse the hell filled island back
    and forth, the expensiveness of things and how every weapon requires money
    for constant use, it just all seemed impossible. but then i gave it some
    time, i played sam B, focused on melee and getting tough and getting
    passive healing, learned to manage my money, took the enemy one at a time
    and kicking them first, got new skills and made zombie slaying a breeze,
    made 1-2 great weapons and cycling through new ones, now able to travel
    safely, i finished quests one at a time and completing them before pause
    exiting/saving to avoid save issues, and now im having the most fun in this
    game. it just sounds so rewarding killing each zombie, getting to hack off
    limbs, you just need to keep investing in good weapons. and the world is
    big, and so interesting, making it more fun with the threat of zombies in
    every corner. ill probably get riptide after this, fun game, just needs
    getting used to, definitely worth it.

  5. I love this game way better than the first and who cares what the haters
    say it’s good don’t really appreciate how your talking trash about this
    game at all not one bit it’s still fun 

  6. i love this game and the first one too , have some bugs but it’s could be
    fine , I just don’t like about the storyline they sucks for all series .

  7. Andrew Fernandez

    Dude you sound half like Don Knotts and half like Christopher Walken. Its
    pretty fantastic

  8. Dont get this game its a waste of money. It laggs uncontrollably and
    constantly !!

  9. The beach sucks

  10. TRUE


  12. SMH, nice of you to ingnorantly and impulsively have been judgemental from
    a place of immaturity. But I think the new location, new way to travel with
    boats, 10+ variety of different enemy types of zombies, mutants, bosses,
    and human NPC’s, 5 different playable characters, a good variety of cool
    weapons to use, and a variety of cool mods/upgrades, lots of ability/skill
    upgrades, etc., have been substantial enough for a worthy sequel, and
    certainly solo and co-op experience has been great fun.

  13. Such a repetitive ass game with a fucking terrible story. I have no idea
    how or why they made a sequel. Good review though Derrick!

  14. reminds me of shock waves

  15. i love dead island lol


  17. There are corners on a sphere. True story.

  18. Hooray more bloody zombie games, just what the videogame market needed.

  19. I love his reviews.They are so funny.

  20. Use analog controls

  21. metacritic (dot) com/game/pc/dead-island-riptide Another perspective from
    real gamers who have played the game and do like it, with more details of
    the good than this video gives. As first person survival horror action rpg,
    I found it fun both co-op and solo. If you liked the first you’ll
    definitely like the second one.

  22. Did you develop the game or is someone just paying you to say that?

  23. IK RIGHT =D

  24. I really want to get this game. But it looks identical to the first one.
    What got me excited for Dead Rising 2 over Dead Rising 1 was that it was
    the same game with expanded features. Not bad for people who really loved
    Dead Island 1. Also there are different locations in Riptide. It just
    doesn’t seem like a huge upgrade. Does the PC port work well? I loved Dead
    Island but the PC port had some really nasty issues with popup even with
    the settings maxed out.

  25. Slayermetallica69

    I was gonna comment first, but I used internet explorer.

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