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Xbox One with Kinect Review (2014)

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  1. Idiots Everywhere

    Hahaha ps4 got a higher score LMAO lol xbox one is garbage 

  2. I was planning on buying the ps4 once i get on vacations but i dont know if
    i should, the playstation community seems like is full of kids or dumb
    people (like in the comments)
    I alredy have somewhat good pc and an xbox 1 so i was thinking if i ps4 or

  3. Playstation always has the better scores and always sales the most
    consoles. No surprise here.

  4. Is just get’s me mad how all this ps4 fanboys are all ignorant. dont get me
    wrong i love ps4 but clearly the xbox one is better for now. it has more
    games and the interface is much better then the ps4. Is just crazy how the
    ps4 fanboys been having alot of trouble with the ps4 but no they still
    decided to be fanboys. Just be real and grow up. When the ps4 gets better
    then the xbox one then i will honestly say that the ps4 is better then the
    xbox one. is that simple. The ps4 got hack twice already and some people
    cant even get online. This are stuff that are happening right now. Is just
    blows my minds how the ps4 fanboys are so blind. Like i said i love my ps4
    some of the games are great and the system is great but for now the xbox
    one is a little better just because it has better games.

  5. What are the superior games that Xbox one has over ps4??? Other than sunset
    overdrive and I guess forza.

  6. There’s no point in looking at the comments. We all know that Sony fans is
    going to kill the comment section. They watch every Xbox video just to
    dislike and write a whole paragraph on how bad it is. Is that all y’all got
    to do ps fans? I thought your console supposed to be better so why are ya
    on YouTube bashing Xbox? Pure sad. 

  7. xbox one is pretty amazing as a all round media hub, games run smooth, the
    system never feels sluggish, comes with tons of decent applications that
    work in a living room, plenty of updates to enrich the platform. Its a
    pretty damn good system.

    Why are there playstation fanatics constantly trolling on the system?
    Granted, its not as powerful as a fairly standard modern PC, but neither is
    the PS4. I don’t get it.

  8. the ps4 ui is better its faster and more simple 

  9. if you have both consoles, you can play PS4 through your xbox one. 

  10. As a PS4 owner I almost myself when I saw the batteries in the controller,
    and you can’t use normal headphones without an adapter? Just another
    Microsoft (paywall) to headphones. Got your own? Pay Microsoft before you
    can use them. What I joke. With the amount I game, I’d be paying hundreds a
    month in batteries. Controller died late at night? Guess your making a trip
    to your local 711. Jesus….. 

  11. How much is it going to be for Black Friday?

  12. The Xbox One is already bad when compared to the PS4. And it’s only going
    downhill for Xbox yet again in 2015 with Sony’s big games like The Order
    1886, Bloodborne, and of course the almighty Uncharted 4 just to name a
    few. Not to mention December 6th there will be lots of big announcements
    for PlayStation

  13. Xbox One video Review talks about PS4 %25 of the time.

  14. SixYearOld Douch-e

    No thanks, I think I’ll be good with the better hardware instead without
    having that boner of a camera watching me while I be touching myself.

  15. A LunchBox review that spent 50% of the time talking about the higher rated
    PS4. PS4 is better and always will be. Microsoft is nothing without bungie.

  16. IGN Xbox scores:

    Xbox One with Kinect: 8.1
    Xbox One without Kinect: 7.8

    Looks like Sony Ponies win again. Gonna have a good time reading these


  17. No thanks I’ll buy the wii u. That Smash bros doe

  18. I have an Xbox one and most of this stuff is not 100% true. The Xbox one is
    a let down. It takes me way to long to get into an app and every time the
    console shuts down all apps crash. Despite the fact Microsoft said you
    could power the console and go straight to an app. The system feels
    sluggish and unresponsive. 

  19. So. Xbox is giving gamers to have the ability to watch TV on your TV?

  20. Xbox LOST Again !!!! Hahhaha xbox still sucks

  21. Real (console) fans are actually the ones playing the console, not trying
    to be heard on the Internet. All these comments are so sad by comparing
    each console, if the console is so good, then why aren’t you playing it at
    this moment? How can you even compare the two if YOU haven’t compared the
    two yourself, then that’s when you can ultimately decide which console is
    better. Not by one guy on the Internet. Each have differences, no shit but
    what fun would it be if both consoles were the same? Each console has their
    own preferences like PS4 ha beibg better specs and Xbox having better
    exclusives. It’s whatever, this is why the world if filled with
    un-productive losers. I bet all of the console fan add can’t even remember
    half the stuff they learned in school but can remember the hard drive space
    of a game. This world is sad, just shut up and enjoy your console! 🙂
    And shout out to you because you actually sent lazy and have the time to
    read this comment!

  22. No real gamer sits around and bash other games and systems. I love my Xbox
    since the day I brought it. And I plan on buying a ps4 one day. Its sad how
    this generation of so called “gamers” act on the internet just to prove
    there system is better. When, at the end of the day. Nether company gives
    two shits about…sad

  23. Minus the Kinect and i would give a 9.5
    The Xbox One has games, not plastic. 

  24. Ps3 has overtaken 360…this year.

  25. I came here to dislike ;D

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