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Xbox One review: March/ April 2014 update

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  1. Those freaking triggers are seriously making me want to buy the Xbox one. I
    dont even really care about the graphics cause there arent much different
    and most games I play are on both consoles anyway. Plus the halo master
    chief edition Is awesome as it has 100+ multiplayer maps lol won’t get
    bored of that for along time

  2. Already a price drop to $449 at Microsoft stores including the Kinect and
    Titanfall. And who really cares about the bulk? Do you carry the Xbox when
    you play it? Hate when reviewers throw that in the argument. 

  3. You realize that the fact that it being bigger is better? More room, less
    overheating and quieter. I hate when people put that in their review. Are
    you carrying around? It’s called “Xbox” so, it should have a box look. And
    for the price, it’s $450 with a free copy of Titanfall and the kinect comes
    with it. If you don’t want the kinect then your obviously not interested
    into the whole Xbox One package. The kinect plays a big role in the Xbox
    One and I’m glad. Xbox 360 kinect was useless and I felt no need for it.
    Now, the kinect is included and it’s worth it. You can sign in with it,
    Skype, stream Twitch, and has voice & hand action commands. If you really
    don’t like the kinect or don’t like the price, maybe you should save your
    money instead of trying to break the bank. Video game consoles have always
    started of expensive and when the hype of the first year was gone it usally
    drops. Just take the PS3 for example. It was rediculously over priced and
    people still bought it but it dropped and then everyone forgot about it.
    Another thing, it’s a new peice of hardware. Their are going to be updates.
    I rather them fix things rather than ignore them. Yes, some things
    should’ve been there from the start but nothing is perfect p, have some
    patience. In terms of games, we just crossed over from a seperate
    generation of consoles so of course they are going to have some of the same
    games.Amazing games still came at launch and more are on their way this
    year and more to be revealed at E3.

  4. im still glad i got my xbox one already

  5. PFFFFF that was like forever ago. The Xbox One is much better now…. also
    was I the only one that found the reviewer just a tad annoying?

  6. You’re paying $50. for a PS+ subscription in order to play those games..
    which really aren’t free at all.. you can only play them as long as you pay
    for the service. And if you’ve played on both psn and xbl servers you’ll
    definitely notice a difference.. there’s a prevalent lag on psn that kills
    the online multiplayer experience.. The new MLB the Show 14 is almost
    unplayable online.. You’re paying $60 a year for XBL Gold for superior
    servers and you’re getting free games every month that are actually free to
    keep even if you cancel your subscription. So yeah I’ll gladly pay the $60
    for the superior online gaming experience.. Sony can keep their “not so”
    free games.. I have a job.

    btw you can find xbl gold subscription cards for $40-$50.. I rarely pay
    more than $40.

  7. I do agree that many of the updated features should have been out on
    release date but I am at least pleased they are making the changes and
    adding things that the people want. The frequent big updates are a good
    thing imo. 

  8. you can have just as much fun playing xbox360 but instead microsoft is
    trying to milk this xbox1 cow. save your money people

  9. I have to say one thing about your review that is not as informative as it
    should’ve been. Free games on the PlayStation four can only be free if you
    have a PlayStation plus membership active. Meaning if they’re downloaded to
    your hard drive you decide you no longer want your membership well those
    games no longer of playable by you. As in the Xbox gold membership if you
    download a free game and up the road decided to cancel your membership game
    is still playable on your hard drive. So realistically a game that has
    strings attached which is considered free is truly not free. In this regard
    I have to give it to Microsoft and trust me I own a PlayStation and I’m
    saying this. But I do plan on buying an Xbox soon.

  10. Updating controllers? That’s new

  11. everybody is talking about exclusive games, whats wrong with multiplatform
    games like Battlefield 4? Its definitely worth buying a next gen especially
    with Titanfall.

  12. Uhh… Plants vs zombies… Lol!

  13. im sorry, these graphics look old, the xbox ones graphics just….dont
    merrit the price.

  14. and 720p 

  15. thanks for the review i wont be buying an xbox1 i just knew it was gonna

  16. The best house I ever owned was the one I lived in as it was being
    remodeled. It was a little noisy and the snotty neighbors sat around and
    gossiped but I was having my home made the way I wanted. It’s got my
    fingerprints on the inside of the walls. That’s what owning an XO is like
    right now.

  17. Ps4 is better deal with it

  18. The reason why Microsoft gives older games is because you can keep them
    forever even without Live. PS+ however will not give you games. Though
    Microsoft should work on free games for the One 

  19. Well done Mr. Roth, that was a really great review and after watching about
    10 different one, your’s was easily the best. You laid down the facts,
    compared some thoughts, and expressed great input as to the system itself.
    I too feel there needs to be more exclusive games at the moment, and you
    called the price drop (loosing the Kinect, which I feel is not that big a
    loss lol). I will be getting an xbox one, in the future, Maybe Christmas
    2014 or my birthday a month later. Thanks Alex

  20. +YomoFlowTech wow ok fanboy calm the fuck down first off he mentioned
    titanfall which by the way isnt exclusive to xbox one, what he meant was
    that dr3 is the strongest exclusive on the console which is true its the
    biggest selling xbox one only game

    Secondly this video had nothing to do with ps4 so the fact you brought it
    up is just petty but since you brought it up let me just say you can call
    the ps4 exclusives shitty but at the end of the day infamous second son
    outsold every xbox one game, and as for “the order is a gears of war rip
    off” yeah well titanfall is just cod with robots so yeah, and dont make me
    laugh you actually tried to credit plants vs zombies as a game its a joke

    Anyway this guy isnt retarded he is right the xbox one isnt a “must buy” at
    this moment 

  21. why the lies ??? xbox one have more games than ps4 . dead rising 3 , forza
    5 , ki ,ryse son of rome , titanfall and more .the price now same with
    ps4. next time get your information right please

  22. Both consoles are good true Xbox one is under development however it’s
    still pretty advanced and cool to play not to mention its little things
    that make it smoother like ‘Xbox on’ and double screens. Plus if it’s still
    in development imagine how great I t will be when it’s finished

  23. i like the way this lying scumbag only mentioned 2 exclusives for the Xbox
    Won, good thing i unsubscribed from this pathetic channel a long time ago

  24. Forza 5 & Rise! This guy is an idiot! Nobody in the tech journal industry
    says that Dead Rising 3 is a top game for Xbox One!

  25. Stop saying so much shit about the Xbox one and say more shit about the ps4

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