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EarthBound Wii U Virtual Console – Game & Watch (Video Preview)

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  1. I think Ness wasn’t talking to the dog but he was talking to himself saying
    why is’t he sleeping.. idk maybe?

  2. Tiffanyhuang2003

    Just saying, Pokey’s dad’s strange noise was suppost to resemble loud
    yelling but I guess slapping does makes more sence.

  3. How much is it? Also why don’t you guys ever live stream this? I would

  4. lol im watching this instead of making my game

  5. 16:04 In the Japanese version, it was mentioned that if Pokey didn’t get
    home before his parents came back, he would be spanked 100 times. In the
    western version, it was changed due to child abuse: instead of getting
    whacked merecilessly, Pokey’s Punishment would be that he doesn’t get
    Dessert for a decade.

    He probably did slap them.

  6. I hope that the fan outcry for Mother 2/Earthbound makes Mr. Itoi know that
    their are fans outside of Japan and maybe just maybe Mother 1 & 3 might get

  7. TheUnheardSoul23

    Dude, the colours look more crisp.

  8. Flying Rock-Pikmin

    Who thinks Chuggaa should replay this in celebration of it’s VC release?

  9. I think the music in the trailer is exclusive to the trailer and the game
    still has the same music. And ya, I was wrong, there are a few changes, but
    most of them seem to be rather small like some flashy PSI animations being
    toned down slightly and a few text changes but from what I’ve been reading
    all the original music is still there and there doesn’t seem to be too many
    changes. Then again its still early so new changes are bound to be

  10. Why could this and Illusion of Gaia not be on the Wii virtual console? It
    makes me so sad cause I grew up playing the N64 and never got to play these
    awesome SNES games. And I don’t have/plan to get a WiiU any time soon cause
    they’re friggin expensive. Sad face.

  11. someone on youtube had a conference with nintendo along with starmen.net
    and NOA said they couldn’t get earthbound out in america because of legal

  12. fuck yeeeeeeeeeeeeah! still intact.

  13. Last I heard, there were no changes made to the virtual console version at

  14. It came out? Ohmygod, cartridge prices are gonna crash! 😀

  15. That guy’s name is pronounced “Liar Exaggerate”, it’s a pun. A marvelous
    pun at that 🙂

  16. I got into an argument about this some time ago. I WAS RIGHT!

  17. Are you playing and ness

  18. would anyone believe i am the only one owning earthbound (wiiU) on
    vgcollect really no one buys it?

  19. It wasn’t good it was ☆awesome☆.

  20. in Canada if some one else uploads it its fare game.

  21. 31:00 Andre: “You’re just making the dog turn back to normal.” Me: “By
    hitting it with a baseball bat?”

  22. I don’t get how quitting the game via telephone hangs the game. Besides, if
    you quit after a Game Over, it just resets!

  23. Is it for everyone or is GameXplain going to have a giveaway or contest

  24. In fact, if Nintendo put the entire Mother series on WiiU, I think that
    would see more than a few units.

  25. PK GX?

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