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IGN Reviews – Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 – Game Review (PS Vita)

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  1. The person that was playing is horrible 

  2. so i can do all the combos and everything from the ps3 version??
    …..AWESOME!!! i could NEVER do them on ps3!!!

  3. oh my FUCKING GOOOOD!!! I’ve been looking for the god damn theme forever!
    Where can I find the theme on the beginning of this video.

  4. I was interested in this until I heard about the touch controls… if you
    can do that online there’s no point in learning any combos thus no point in
    this being called a fighting game.

    There are enough real fighting games available or coming out for the vita.
    Shit, even divekick seems more complex at least you need to press 2

  5. reymart christian Cruz

    Sounds like the touch screen is going to make it easy for me to fight
    people online ^_^ i guess i will try that when i get a ps vita! lol this is
    awesome!!! marvel vs capcom vs injustice that the real enemies from marvel
    vs DC!!!! 😀 anyway i would love to see a marvel zombie vs Resident Evil
    game cause the only characters i use in capcom side is Reident evil like
    nemesis and wesker as for chris his pretty weak and hard to believe if he
    can take the hulk down!

  6. Anybody please help, If I buy the DLC for the vita on my ps3, will I still
    be able to use that DLC on the ps3; considering I don’t have the copy of
    umvc3 on vita?

  7. Dem thumb nails…

  8. LOL the fighting while touching sounds soooo cheap as hell but i love itt

  9. Too many stuff missing from this review. Will this support the DLCs bought
    from the PS3? The player of the review also couldn’t pull off combos.

  10. is it just me or is injustice just going to destroy this now?

  11. IGN Reviews – Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 – Game Review (PS Vita)

    One of my fav fighters….LOL

  12. Wish granted.

  13. ballin_arellano559

    not really a fan of blazblue, but ill check out vids and see if its my kind
    of game, but i really want one of the ones i listed

  14. we’ll get one,don’t worry.

  15. How does ps vita get an 8 will consules get an 8.5

  16. How are you supposed to do moves like Zero’s charge buster where you have
    to hold down a button in a combo? The only way you could do it on a PS3
    controller is if you set something like L2 to also act as light attack, but
    there’s only L and R on a Vita which I’m assuming are used for assists.

  17. Touch mode is great for little kids though.. my nephew is 6 and he loves it
    obviously. pretty lights and such.

  18. Street Fighter X Tekken because 1. There’s on on-disc DLC 2. So much more

  19. resident evil most likely will happen at some point but since nintendo owns
    pokemon that wont happen =(

  20. Stanislav Serbezov

    Thanks very much for the reply, man! Although I am from Europe, around here
    it’s 29 Euros new, and 20 used which is sort of the same price. I hope that
    there is online MP here as well!

  21. Xninjamodx me to I’ll sub 2 u and u sub 2 me

  22. I was wondering whether to purchase street fighter x tekken or this, i
    think this review just won me over

  23. It does. It’s just that most of the people at IGN suck ass at video games,
    especially fighters, so naturally, they would choose simple mode.

  24. Not with the same graphics!

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    play on almost all the new games coming out like Killzone Mercenary, Soul
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