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CGRundertow POKEMON HEARTGOLD VERSION for Nintendo DS Video Game Review

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  1. my brother broke it he stepped on it and my ds becuse i put it in 

  2. All I could stare at in this video is that stuck/dead pixel! Oh how they
    irritate me! Lol love love these games though!


  4. the starter pokemon i pick are as follows for people who care chimchar
    charmander tododile and oshawott

  5. I c ur playing it on 3ds

  6. The Wrestling Freek

    has anybody noticed butterfree’s health? 69 teehee

  7. There is violence in the form of pokemon battles.

  8. GregorioGuerrero

    @nuzamaki90 fag

  9. i just bought it. cost me $60 now with the inflated pricing.

  10. I always choose todidial lol

  11. Ron Jeremy at 3:10 LOLOLOL

  12. Don’t grow up it’s a trap

  13. @rifleviejo U still crying bro? When you use the same insult 3 times, your
    showing the rest of the world that you are the insult you are trying to get
    through. You have 15 seconds before we shoot.

  14. Ok f*** it. Amen.

  15. that odd moment when everybody is waiting for a CGR review of Skyward
    Sword.. =)

  16. @MultiMrHP98 One does not simply give up totodile

  17. if part asian > sounds like an 8 y.o. in reality is 25 y.o.

  18. @nuzamaki90 True that she said that! Not arguing about that at all! I was
    arguing about HG&SS coming out last year for US, which would be the time
    she would have gotten it! The only one continuing anything is the both of
    us! We should have just left it at your comment and my reply! So woo! We
    both told each other off! Now I am off to complete the Nantional Dex on

  19. nice little anecdote at the end to sum up ones addiction to pokemon

  20. @ZZincorporated hm just thought so too, but when the battle screen comes in
    at 1:33 you can see that the top screen is bigger but the picture doesn’t
    fill the whole screen

  21. No love for Chikorita I’m the comments. qq

  22. @nuzamaki90 YOU BOTH are continuing the conversation dont you guys see

  23. i use chikarita ^^ cute. plus grass types are so under used :*(

  24. @popo237 That’s awesome ^^ She still said it came out this year, so stfu,
    your comment is useless.

  25. PokEEEEEmon. EEEEEmon, dammit!

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