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$700 ($705) Extreme Gaming PC Build

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  1. the name of nvidias v-sync technology is called adaptive v-sync dont know
    why I didn’t remember that while recording lol my bad guys

  2. The prices went up lately and it’s now an $800-$850 gaming PC sadly. It’s
    really hard to build a gaming PC using an i5 with a good GPU to go along
    with it for $700. I think it’s best to go with AMD for less than that

  3. nice build i love your builds keep up the great work could u do an $800
    build please or $850 also i like it how you dont include the mail in rebate
    in the price that really annoys me when others do that. :)

  4. Would this be good for streaming ?

  5. Is an i5 3550 good for gaming?

  6. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/djwmQ7

    Since the prices has gone up lately, here’s a bit more affordable build.

  7. Good to see – subbed
    i5 for ARMA for me, it eats CPUs’ 

  8. So anyways… is there anything else beside PC builds? Like news, gaming
    news, or anything like that? If so, when? 

  9. This video was extremely helpful. Your videos have really helped me
    understand all the parts out there and how to pair them up. 

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