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Razer Blade Pro 17″ Gaming Laptop Unboxing and Review 2014

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  1. There is no sutch thing as a Nvidia GeForce765M. It’s a GeForge GTX 765M.
    You missed a lot of things in the review. All you went over is how the
    razer logo lights up. You didn’t go in depth into the switchblade UI!!!!!!!

  2. NICE 😀

    Beats the shit out of mac and alienware!!!!

  3. Just ordered my 2014 model 

  4. I still have my 2009 Toshiba Gaming Laptop and I guess it can’t handle my
    gaming ;D It runs on like 120 fps on most games until I start moving,
    shooting or even jumping. From 120fps it can drop to bellow 10 and I have
    anti virus programs and everything. The laptop just is too bulky and heavy
    like an alienware but this baby in this vid :O Slick as fuck and I want 1.

  5. there is windows 7 version??

  6. The pokemon player

    Whats better this or razer blade 14 2014

  7. Harold The Helicopter

    How well has that hard drvie been holding you over though?… its so small

  8. and people say the alienware m18x is better. in no way is it. It is only
    heaver, less battery life, less portable, thicker, and double the price of
    the full 512GB hard drive for the razer blade pro. The alienware maxed out
    is $6000, the blade maxed out is $3000, and the same specs.

  9. Robby you do know for that price you could bought his beast of a pc.

  10. Does it works on assasins creed unity?

  11. I’m getting this in July and I’m so freaking excited!

  12. i have heard that the razer blade have bad resolution for games can sombody
    tell me which of the razer blades i should buy 

  13. 14″ is not a 720p

  14. Mohamed Al Mazrouee

    i got the the one with 860m and 256 gb hard drive it runs bf3 at ultra no
    anti alising At always above 60 fps and minecraft might be a grahpics card
    problem but i sometimes get 40 fps on minecraft but it might be because the
    place is VERY demanding and has fireworks and stuff but when your in sp or
    a non demanding server you will get almost above 70 fps all the times.

  15. 2500 and you seriously think that’s a good buy? lol maybe for portability
    if that’s your goal. You basically spent 1500 to have a thinner laptop.

  16. u so rich wuts ur job?

  17. is this touch screen like the normal blade? 

  18. 14 inch is 3200 x 1800 ~ 2699 for 512G

  19. zooms in, then types in password to give a clear view.

  20. Gonna order one soon!!

  21. Tn or Ips?

  22. its wierd when hes putting in his password he pointing the camera at the

  23. It’s kinda sad the the new one got released. You got last year’s model :((

  24. Joseph Constance

    mine is still on back order:(…… I want it now!!!!!

  25. so lucky.

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