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PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One Full Review

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  1. LazorDoesMinecraft

    To sum it up, the ps4 is better.

  2. Ps4 :))

  3. PS4, of course….

  4. xbox one

  5. ps4 has framerate drops on some games so that cant. Be good

  6. I think the ps4 has 15min of recording actually

  7. i love you

  8. just get a pc

  9. Buy the xbox one. Right now the PS4 is having problems.

  10. Buy pc

  11. teraflop is the funniest word in the world

  12. Buy PS4 if you like the exclusives, buy the xbox one if you like their
    exclusives. If you just play 3rd party games like COD and battlefield, then
    get the one that cost less. For future games the PS4 will curtainly have
    better graphics with better framerates. Xbox one is lacking in GPU power
    and bandwidth drmatically compared to PS4. I say if you can get both
    systems and buy exclusives on both and buy 3rd party games on a gaming PC.
    Remember that most games on the new consoles will remain 30FPS, while all
    PC games are 60FPS+. Plus you will not be limited to 720P on PC. The truth
    is that when new games become more graphically demanding, consoles will
    reduce rendered/native resolutions to achieve playable framerates. This
    usually comes into effect in 2years. This happened to the ps3 and xbox360
    after 2years with COD and 90% of the games. If graphics technology slows
    down then it’ll take longer than 2years.

  13. i like the part where he said that the ps4 controller is just bulkier and
    wider, no real changes from the ps3 controller.

    HAH!! this ps4 controller has resistance, control, and overall comfort that
    ANY predecessor of Sony has had. and ive played every console. best sony
    controller since the PSX dualshock 1.

  14. Xbox One FAIL
    xbox one fail

  15. Jonathan A. Rodriguez

    for the ps4 do we pay to get online now ?

  16. Right right. You’ve seen Red Gaming Tech’s Article’s as well they actually
    may have to downclock the GPU of the Xbox One due to heat concerns
    actually. If Microsoft do need to ramp down the speed of the GPU, it will
    mean that the system will only be capable of putting out 50 percent of the
    performance of the PS4. Currently, the Xbox One manages 1.2TFLOPS, however,
    this change could mean that the speed will drop to only 900TFLOPS.

  17. Xbox doesn’t have DRM anymore

  18. Ps4 cheaper more powerful and comes with a mic

  19. Nice man! I would prefer the PS4, but it’s good to see that Microsoft took
    back all the flaws with the Xbox! 🙂

  20. Keith Pennington

    Buy PS4 unless you’re a Halo fan that’s the only reason to buy Xbox 1

  21. Send me these articles man

  22. Nobody cares about graphics, it’s about the service, the community, and the

  23. Ps4 all the way

  24. pc all the wat c;

  25. Ps4 is thought to be 50 percent faster due to graphics.

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