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THE EVIL WITHIN – Review – PS3/Xbox360: The Brotherhood of Gaming

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  1. Thanks for calling out 60fps 1080p fanboyism!

  2. Excellent video. I am new to this channel, and I subscribed. I am glad to
    see someone covering last gen versions of these new games. Thank you!

  3. Yes the annoyingly long intro is gone

  4. Dick Deepinsideher

    You get it man, starting to get sick of this FPS bull. Great review!! 

  5. Good review but should have researched who created the game more , and
    review the ps4/xbone versioj but I know u probably got a PS3 review copy 

  6. Good review! subbed

  7. I wouldn’t say the journals are a part of the story. More of the

  8. great review man!!!!

  9. I thoroughly enjoined your review; I may be getting addicted to the

  10. Music and soooound…………………………………..sound..
    Hahaha subd. Great review!

  11. Great video and i think this game is great. Sure the game have some flaws,
    but i don’t care. Some games are from a tech point very good, but that
    doesn’t always mean the game is fun to play. Great to see you still have
    some love for the ps3/360. The people that only talk about 60 fps and
    1080p, are the same people that talked in the past about full hd / hd
    ready/ polygons/bits/blast processing and all other bullshit. Can ‘t wait
    for the 4K bullshit and VR comparisons. Btw subscribed to your channel.

  12. jeremy Fultineer

    I like how you have SCv4 music in the background. I almost wanna bust that
    game out instead.

  13. Hi sir. Which version of The Evil Within do you prefer, the Xbox 360 or
    PS3 version? I ask because I own both consoles and can’t decide which one
    to get. I am obviously looking for the one that offers the best experience
    speaking in terms of frame rate and graphics. Thank you for your review

  14. I loved the review, but one question. Is there a way to turn off the HUD in
    this game?

  15. Turbo mode DMC3 they new gen consoles can never do it :D. Great review btw

  16. I was on the fence about this game. But you have convinced me to get. I
    will pick it up on monday. Thanks 

  17. Great review as always Brotherhood. Truthfully I haven’t picked up the
    game yet because I have been hearing mixed reviews about this game all over
    the Internet. Luck for me I just watched your review. The gameplay and
    atmosphere look amazing, and I like how you address the whole fps debate
    surrounding this game. As long as the gameplay and atmosphere is there, I
    could care less about the fps it is pushing. I just wish that the minority
    of gamers who freak out over fps would just calm down. As long as the game
    isn’t freezing, or there is no game breaking bugs then like I said before,
    I could care less about the fps. Thank you for the review. Keep up the
    amazing work. 


    just saying but fighting games and hack and slash like DMC or bayonetta
    also need steady frames per sec

  19. Best Evil within review on the whole internet hands down.

  20. You need to review Dying Light for PS3 when it’s out!

  21. Brandon Williams

    Nice Review as always William, also about the frame-rate thing, the higher
    the frame-rate the “better/smoother” the game will be so that’s why you see
    people in arms about it.

  22. Graphic whores make me sick go outside if u want graphics they master
    enough the ps3 that it can reach early ps4 titles so suck it if u have a
    ps4 then its better but nt like ur playing a ps1 vs ps2 game its still evil
    within just like gta V on last gen is still GtA V u know and love

  23. Brandon Williams

    +The Brotherhood of Gaming Fun Fact:Shinji Mikami (maker of Resident Evil)
    was the game’s director (of Evil Within)

  24. I loooooove when you say: graphiiiics graphiiiics graaaaphics xD
    Gameplaaay Gameeeplay Gaaameplay xD

  25. The Brotherhood of Gaming.com

    Our Verdict on THE EVIL WITHIN? find out now

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