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Sniper Elite III: Video Review (Xbox One)

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  1. More Black Ops Live for tomorrow! 😀 the support on this video is greatly

  2. Just from this video the Xbox One version of this game has so much screan
    tearing. I have the PS4 version and it had none at all. When 505 said they
    were having troubles with the Xbox One they weren’t kidding. 

  3. BearticGaming - High Scoring HD Commentaries!

    Prestige, that custom Galaxy camo you made a while ago is now in Ghosts 0_0
    Did they get that from you? :P

  4. Please do more reviews! Now I wish I purchased this instead of wolfenstien
    the new order yesterday. Oh well!

  5. i liked the zombie version more for this game.

  6. emmanuel dominguez

    can som1 help ? i preorder this through the store and when i got to
    multiplayer it says this “part of the game has not been installed” WTF?! i
    downloaded everything i cant play cant play campaign too -.- ;( 

  7. tebahpla eht the alphabet backwards!

    The first one was my favorite

  8. theodore moostash

    eww xbox one kill it! kill it with fire!

  9. The XRay is kinda fun to watch a few times, but honestly, I’d want to
    disable that after seeing it a few times. Cool review…

  10. יגאל גורביץ

    for me the only main thing irritating in the game is the pistol shots and
    how the enemy reaction when get shot. overall game is built good compare to
    previous sequels. oddly the cover system from second game have not included
    in third 

  11. I am hooked on this game!
    The x-ray never gets old

  12. I’m load to play tomorrow on ps4 , I can’t wait you now, son thing
    different to rest of games right now after ghost , to mush futuristic game
    right now 

  13. Its buggy as fuck no matter what these people say these guys dont play it
    for hours like i do at one point my fucking gun disappeared !!!! and it
    dose run better on PS4 less screen tearing.

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  15. Hi prestige im MURKATWRK from a few months back when you were doing a live

  16. Hey Prestigels do you ever think hey my rife has just disappeared maybe
    this game isnt so great after all.

  17. Not worth 60 . Maybe 29.99

  18. Are pulse triggers working at any moment?

  19. Testicle shots are the nastiest in x-ray. 

  20. First

  21. scott sutherland

    Overall is it worth buying? 

  22. love that sound when the bullet goes through the person

  23. emmanuel dominguez


  24. Wow my first time watching you review your probably the best or one of the
    best reviewers obviously watched do more reviews please:)

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