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BEST Xbox 360 Games EVER! – Inside Gaming Daily

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  1. I have a love hate relationship with the 360. I hate it now days but I will
    never forget the times it was there for me when I needed it. I remember
    those days stressed out from work comming home playing the 360 for hours
    making me feel better. Me and this console been through some rough times.
    This may sound crazy but its like the 360 was my best friend. When I was
    always going through something in life it was always there to cheer me up.
    I lost interest in it around 2012. It has alot of good games but its way to
    many shooters. I dont really want nothing to do with it now but I will miss
    it when it dies out.

  2. Ahem…
    Assassins Creed 3?
    Halo reach?
    Black ops 2?
    Battlefield 3?

  3. Farm Simulator is the BEST Xbox 360 game of ALL time… 

  4. I HAAAATE GTA 4 well i dont hate it i just thought it was way to boring
    slow and to serious like look at gta 5 that is super crazy funny has
    beutiful graphics and i honestly think its the best game of all time
    exspecialy compared to gta 4

  5. I prefer the 360 to the One, because of the fantastic games library and so
    many amazing memories i had with it.

  6. Marshall Mathers

    Just bought the Orange Box ,best 20$ i’ve spent in my life 

  7. Hey, you forgot to put in halo

  8. Russell Obermeyer

    Wow. That’s a shitty list. No Halo Reach or Halo 3. No Fallout 3 or
    Borderlands. None of the COD’s made the list? I think GTA 4 is the worst of
    the series. The Batman games all you do is fly around and kick dudes. Top 5
    right here. 5- COD Modern Warfare 2. 4-Halo Reach. 3- Skyrim. 2 GTA V.
    1-Fallout 3

  9. Gta v should be number 1

  10. Fucking bioshock is so overrated. The game was good until about halfway
    through when it just stopped being fun.

  11. i am so happy minecraft was not on the list now i know it is not a good

  12. i have to be the only one who hates gta IV and gta V

  13. Ughhhhmmmm…….but Halo is WAY better than mass effect……

  14. Dear god! TF2 looks so damn SHITTY on xbox 360 compared to PC! 

  15. Ahem…. Where is Fallout 3….? *slams hands into table* WHERE IS FALLOUT

  16. Fallout 3

  17. How the fuck do you place HALO 3 of all games in 11th place?!?!?!?!

  18. halo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  19. Dude how the fuck is Halo 3 not on this list? Thats bullshit.

  20. WOW, GTA IV was awful hahahahahaha, *1. walk through warehouse. 2. shoot
    guys that are in the way. 3. Have some pseudo-moment with the eventual
    target. 4. Kill target.* That is every boring as shit mission in GTA
    IV… Normally I’d say the list is invalid because Fallout 3 isn’t first,
    for this list I am going to call it embarrassing because it isn’t even
    there at all! Tranquility Lane is one of the spookiest and most intriguing
    adventures in ANY game… Comparing that masterpiece with GTA IV hurts my

  21. FunForAllTheFamily10

    None of these super-graphics intense games make one want to purchase a
    modern home gaming console.

  22. My top 10 no order,
    Elder scrolls oblivion
    Fallout 3
    Borderlands 2
    Gta v
    Red dead redemption
    Left 4 dead

  23. 3 of these games come with the xbox bundle my moms buying for me, batman
    red dead redemption and gta, but im not into batman so im probably gonna
    sell it

  24. Where’s the Left For Dead series on this list…

  25. Santa is making me feel bad by saying I should watch the basketball.

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