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Top 10 Virtual Console Games Wiiviewer Reviewed! (Top 10)

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  1. wow. Kirby 64? should mention how you can finally pause the game using
    the home button in punchout. classic popular games are easy to place on
    the list, should of shown the import releases like rondo of blood, grey
    lancer or sin and punishment which are great deals for considerably obscure
    titles. unless you want to emulate on a pc then its all there for free
    more or less.

  2. hey wiiviewr maybe you should do top 10 faverite mario games

  3. Why does everybody love fucking ocarina of time!? It’s old boring and most
    of all it’s tedious!!! The wind waker is waaaaaaaaaaaay better than this

  4. What game is the first one shown in this video at about :03 ?

  5. I actually feel ashamed to say I have NEVER played ANY of these games, but
    then again, I wasn’t around when most of these games came out.

  6. Late November. They’re still available for re-download if you have already
    purchased them.

  7. fucking pac man is boring as hell

  8. I NEVER fail to laugh at the recap of your reaction to Harvest moon XD It
    might just be my favorite review of yours, if only for that. Nothing more
    perfect can describe this game and how it grips onto first-time players. I
    had a similar reaction, as I never really understood what Harvest moon was
    and the name sounded like it was based off of some anime or an rpg. But now
    the two of us are playing all sorts of versions, its just awesome. LoZzzzzz
    LOZZZZZZZZ Zelda has enslaved us all.

  9. That game did pop into my head after i wrote that comment. That game has a
    lot of old school Sega Genesis games in it. That is a great game to
    recommend if someone is looking for a way to play a good bit of old school
    Sega Genesis games.


  11. Aw, EarthBound is awesome. 🙂

  12. Oh man I can’t wait to see how he said this game is overrated.

  13. I agree with you. Sonic 3 & Knuckles should never be played apart. They
    should only be played together. The only reason Sega broke Sonic 3 &
    Knuckles into two games is because they were running out of time. That and
    it was costing them to much money to make it as one game.

  14. yessica bernardez

    What about sin and punishment!!!

  15. oot deserves that #1 spot. too bad paper mario didn’t make it though.

  16. wait a minute why is oot hire then mario 64 when you put oot as number 4 on
    your top 10 wii games of 2012 and mario 64 as number 3

  17. Misterwheatley Agentleman

    Do top 10 worst Virtual Console Games!

  18. TwoHandsRedFraction

    Please review Super Metroid.

  19. I totally agree with your list, especially number 5 and 3. I played Harvest
    Moon a long long time ago… and I never expected to get hook and then It
    hooked my sister into the game lol.

  20. I agree with you. Kirby 64 is worth money

  21. PeterGriffinYes GiantChickenNo VGCP


  22. review either earthbound or super Metroid

  23. Its from a 70s show never mind im old yes you are yes you are

  24. why are the DKC not on the Virtual console anymore?

  25. Review Assassins Creed III!!

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