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CGRundertow SUPER PRINCESS PEACH for Nintendo DS Video Game Review

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  1. What’s wrong with Samus wearing a mask? We rarely see a female character in
    badass bulky armor. Stop looking so deep into things just to find something
    to complain about.

  2. CheetosForBreakfast

    Lol feminism

  3. Your feminist rant seems really out of touch with the game you’re
    reviewing. This is a PRINCESS PEACH game. She isn’t an adventurer- to
    portray her as such would be a complete 180. It’s natural that her game
    would have a heavy focus on

    Speaking of feminism: Why can’t Princess Peach go on adventures and still
    be an delicate figure dressed in frills and pink? Not all girls are action
    heroines. If you’re saying only female characters who are boyish and go on
    the same adventures as male characters that would also be a form of sexism
    because you’re suggesting only female characters who possess male qualities
    are worth championing.

    Could Nintendo do with some more female leads? Of course, but getting
    upset that a Princess Peach game isn’t some feminist frontrunner is silly. 

  4. The reviewer seemed to go on a tangent there at the beginning, straying
    from the game and focusing more on Nintendo’s apparent outlook on feminism.
    Besides that irrelevance, it was a generally good review. Would like to
    pick this up some day!

  5. Lol he’s just going on about feminism and irrelevant stuff to the game. The
    game IS called Super PRINCESS PEACH. No shit it’s going to be pink. And
    pink isn’t JUST a female’s color. Not sure why you’d review something when
    you already know that what you’re in for is something you won’t like.

  6. I kind of want a sequel to this

  7. Dude i almost didn’t make it through the first part of the review with that
    spiel of sexism.
    Its a fucking princess peach game. Everything is going to be pink and
    shit, cause you know that is just her gimmick. That said my condolences on
    those awful men who ruined your vagina CGR
    i enjoyed the rest of the review though.

  8. Its a fun game except for those 3-5 days when peach just wants to be alone
    and wears jogging pants. 

  9. Yoshi is a girl and she saved Mario AND Luigi

  10. OHHH…. “Vibe” Scepter as in Emotions. Curse my dirty mind… Couldn’t
    Nintendo come up with something a little less inuendo-y?

  11. this guy sounds white knight as fuck
    what a pussy

  12. Many of these comments are sexist as hell. And many of the comments trying
    to not come across as sexist end up sounding sexist anyway. Lol.

  13. Feminism died when feminists started demanded male castration days and
    snatching newborn infants out of the hands of their mothers.

  14. wow how can you be so annoying
    just review the game and keep your stupid feminism opinions to yourself

  15. Freaking-…

  16. I ordered this game off of eBay.

  17. “And unlike SOME women, she can actually CONTROL those impulses.”

    Heh! Ain’t that the truth!

  18. i am a dude and I have this game. Anyone who says boys are gay for playing
    it is just immature.

  19. Damn, just review the fuckin game! Stop with the preachy, “woe-is-women”
    feminist bullshit.

  20. Ughh this kid is annoying..

  21. gana give this a try

  22. CGRundertow SUPER PRINCESS PEACH for Nintendo DS Video Game Review

    This is the game I told you guys about when we were discussing Peach’s
    final smash. Please try the game, is very fun and watching peach do her
    stuff to save Mario is adorable. 

  23. How are you not losing any of your meter when you use her emotions?

  24. HongwareeChannel

    The best review I’ve ever watched in this freaking channel. Very objective,
    no sexist shit, and you pull out a truth about the stupid female
    stereotype. I would totally buy this game…But those assholes from
    Nintendo made the game too easy…And I can’t have fun with that. Hope one
    day, Nintendo make another Peach’s…with higher difficulty. Donkeys…they
    always screw the good ideas.

  25. Pull your mouth off of feminism’s cunt and review the damn game.

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