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Wii U Console Review

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  1. in my opinion, i think the wii u is not worth a buy. The software for it is
    half-assed compared to there other releases ie. no dlc. The games that are
    not ports, we have seen many times before like zelda and mario. I think
    they should have waited another year to release it to up the specs and
    streamline the os so that developers wouldn’t be so turned off by its

  2. mohamed elsheikh

    ReviewTechUSA the wii u isnt selling and will never sell

  3. Kobelix De Broeck

    wii u is super ultra SHIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (dont buy it)

  4. hi I am about to get a wii U from EB games *yes I am in Australia* and its
    on laybuy *it means wait until have the money* and wondering if its worth
    if people don’t answer then… YOLO I WILL BUY THEN LOL sorry but yeah plz
    answer and don’t get pissed off on me plz thanks! :)

  5. I’m between the fence on getting a Wii U but if I have the balls to get a
    Wii U, here are the games I get.

    1. Injustice: Gods Among Us
    2. LEGO MARVEL Superheroes
    3. Mario Kart 8
    4. the next Super Smash Bros(although I have a 3DS and I could always get
    it on the 3DS)
    5. Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
    6. LEGO City Undercover
    7. Sonic BOOM
    8. Disney Infinity

    There is the angry bird trillogy, but I rather get it for the 3ds because
    it’s more portable and on the go. That’s what Angry Birds is known for.

    The reason why I’m between the fence is because I just didn’t have the urge
    to need a Wii U and the number 1 reason why I’m between the fence is even
    if I get all the games I wanted, I wouldn’t have as many games compared to
    my Wii game collection.
    My Wii game collection is just an arsinal comared to the other games I had
    for each console, aside of my Atari 2600 collection of games because
    they’re cheap and easy to pick up and my Atari 2600 game collection, just
    like the games I have for my Wii, is an arsinal. 


    WII U SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Wii U’s worth getting just for SSB4 and Hyrule Warriors. And Super Mario 3D

  8. Matthew Sullivan

    Wii U bi***!!!

  9. i watched porn on the gamepad :)

  10. Ultimate ghirahim

    The Wii U looks better than the Wii

  11. If I’ve got the brightness on it’s lowest, I can play for a good 7 hours
    before recharging.

    By the way, guys, if you buy the refurbished version of the Deluxe Wii U,
    you’ll not get the dock for the gamepad included.

    Lastly, the OS patch to allow for better load times and efficiency have
    already been released.

  12. ArchAngel #11457

    to be honest i was skepticle about the wii U but seeing this idk why people
    all over were hating so much

  13. is the wiiu a foot long

  14. Does the PS4 have anything cooler than #LuigiDeathStare

  15. ThePhantomsorcerer

    I mostly got the wii u for mh3u, but when I heard of other titles, I just
    ignored the ps4 and Xbox one.

  16. 110 xbox fanboys with raging boners dissaprove

  17. The design of the console itself is terrible. But I like the gamepad.

  18. I love the Wii U. It is my second favorite console of all time, right
    behind the SNES, but a little ahead of the PS2.

  19. Ironically the game that I had the most fun on Wii U so far is EarthBound

  20. hey just saying you should put your pointer fingers on L and R and your
    middle fingers on ZL and ZR. This, at least for me, is more comfy and it
    makes it easier to play games.

  21. The battery life of the Wii U Tablet really doesn’t bother me. I don’t have
    5-6 hour gaming sessions. I’ll play for a couple hours, then just leave it
    on its charging stand when I’m done.

    And for the Game Pad’s back buttons, I just use my middle fingers for ZL
    and ZR, and my indexes for L and R. Super comfortable.

  22. Nintendo just makes the best consoles PEOPLE XD PS2/3/4

  23. I want it so badly!!!

  24. Brannon Hautanen

    I just got a wii u with zelda wind waker, Mario 3d World, and Mario Kart 8
    and I love it! I think Moe people need to buy this console

  25. Lol playing Wii U on tablet now!

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