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Amazon Fire TV review

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  1. Im holding out for Android TV.What could possibly go wrong. 

  2. “in-depth”

  3. Can someone please tell me why these devices are being referred to as
    “set-top”? I dare you to set it atop a LED TV and walk away.

  4. Omg, the Twitter remote wobbles? In that case I won’t buy it. 

  5. omg! that wobbble…. count me out

  6. As a cable cutter, not having HBOgo isn’t a lose to me. Don’t have cable
    nor someone’s “borrowed” info. It does need to have Vudu to replace my Roku
    2. I have a ton of movies on there from redeeming UV codes and doing the
    Disc to Digital.

  7. Love the Voice Search feature of Amazon Fire TV. Also like the remote better than the Apple TV’s remote.

  8. Great job by +Andrew Martonik here. Full review to come.

  9. Great review by +Andrew Martonik! One mistake to note, however – the voice
    search does Amazon *and* Hulu, not just Amazon. Hopefully we see more
    integration down the line!

  10. Great Job as always guys

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