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Battlefield Hardline Beta Review PC Xbox One PS4 60fps

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  1. Can’t agree more with your comments mate. The visuals on consoles are
    absolutely terrible. Hopefully they improve them given its just a beta. Not
    getting my hopes up though. I’m going to get it on pc possibly once the
    full reviews are out and I can see what the community thinks. 

  2. Battlefield Hardline Beta Review, more of the same still not worth full

  3. Ye I agree with this one, Battlefield Hardline looks terrible and plays
    like COD. Not sure I will be getting this one. Anyone else finding it

  4. Battlefield Hardline Beta Review PC Xbox One PS4 time to check out
    Battlefield Hardline’s latest beta. 

  5. Brian Christopher

    Good review, I value your objectivity and subjective opinins

  6. not everyone has super bad-ass PC’s btw. that’s why the graphics are not
    top notch

  7. Good review with some lucid considerations..thanks!. I’m a BF lover….not
    a competitive threat to elite players by any stretch of the imagination,
    but BF games are the one’s that have commandeered the blue ray drive in my
    console the most for the last several years. That being the case, I will
    probably keep compulsively picking up any new BF associated game that comes
    along for the near future, regardless how well received..

    I’m enjoying the beta….its currently novel and fun. Enjoying the added
    pace and sheen of intensity. But I do wonder about the shelf life of that
    sense of fun. You know….the kind which results in putting in 100’s upon
    100’s of hours into a single game…i.e BFBC2/BF3/BF4. I’m not convinced
    about that, but it will probably be enough while I wait for Battlefront and
    BF5, I’m guessing.

    To me, it feels like an experiment in molecular merging of core elements of
    BF and CoD, as you’ve mentioned. I’ve wanted to love CoD in the past, but
    could never get around the lifeless maps the MP gameplay frolics
    within…and, for me…MP is the life-blood of the FPS gaming experience.
    In CoD, it gets stale very quickly. It seems like adding some BF-style
    environmental dynamism may help lend to sustainability….but that remains
    to be seen. Thus, BFH.

    Either way, I’ll likely buy it on launch. The weeks/months afterward will
    make things clearer, I’m sure 🙂 

  8. But its a beta 

  9. I’ll be honest I was really skeptical about hardline. But having played the
    beta I can’t deny that I’ve had a lot of fun with it. Maybe I’ll pick it up
    if the price drops a little

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  11. Battlefield Hardline Beta Review, anyone else think it’s not worth full

  12. I found your opinion really harsh man. They wanna create a new kinda BF.
    Its not BF5 its BF:Hardline. Take it easy on them. I actually really like
    the gameplay and game modes. I dont really look at what BF is supose to be.
    I look at what it could be. 

  13. Battlefield Hardline Beta Review

  14. Graphics don’t make a game…. I feel most indie games have better
    gameplay. A good amount of gamers just care about graphics but like i said
    graphics don’t make up the game, People start looking at gameplay over
    graphics and you might enjoy games a little more.

  15. Why would they take things from bf4? If they do then u wud say that its a
    damn dlc.Cmon be a bit logical here. Btw its the most fun game i have
    played since cod black ops 2 .and yes i have played bf4

  16. Bad company 3 is wat we.need

  17. its fun not having jets, tanks and attack heli killing me. sure its a lot
    like a dlc but damn its fun! and fun was what i didnt get from bf4. not
    worth pay full price for but no bf game is

  18. I would agree with what your saying but one thing it’s a BETA….. Also I
    could care less about graphics the game play matter way more to me then
    just graphics. I enjoyed the game play of Battlefield Hardline BETA because
    I’m not going to sit around playing a game 17 hours a day til I get bored
    of it and complain about it.

  19. Perhaps some work can be done before the end game is released? In terms of
    graphical fidelity I mean.

  20. PrinceK Baptiste

    Battlefield 3 is the best!

  21. I dissagree!

  22. Beeta not baata (long a) lol. love your show man! Always tune in

  23. I love the people that think things will change because its a beta. This
    game fails on multiple levels.

  24. I didn’t have to play it to know it’s a 60$ dlc with new game modes!

    Game is going to bomb!

  25. this game is terrible. They went to far off the battlefield path.

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